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How To Bring A Human Hair Wig Back To Life?

The flexibility of the human hair wig disappears over time as you use it. One day when your wig feels dry and hard, you will find that it has lost its luster. This is because human virgin hair wigs do not have natural scalp oils to keep their hair moist. This article will guide you through how to restore the natural shine to your wig human hair.

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Why my human hair wig dry and tangled?

Tangles are the first sign that your wig is losing its luster. So it's important to understand why wigs get knotted.

1. Lack of Natural Oils

After the human hair wig is detached from the human body, it lacks the natural oil in the natural hair quality. These oils usually help to make hair smooth and soft, preventing the knotting problems caused by dry hair. Without the grease, wigs can become dry and easily knotted.

2. Poor Quality

It is best to focus on the quality and hair texture of a wig. Misaligned cuticles that don't face the right direction are a likely cause of hair tangles. Some poor hair may have been chemically altered to make the wig appear more pliable, but it has already damaged the cuticle, making the hair more likely to dry out and tie up. Klaiyi Hair provides 100% virgin human hair wigs, all kinds of lace front wigs, 360 lace frontal, bob wig, also wholesale Hair.

3. Wash too often

Washing wigs too often can cause damage to them and shorten their lifespan.

4. Not properly maintained

If you don't take care of your wigs, they will eventually get knotted.

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How to bring a human hair wig back to life?

1. Washing

When washing your human hair wig, you need to be very gentle. Place the shampoo or conditioner on the palm of your hands and then run it through the weave. Let your human hair wig soak in the shampoo. Make sure the shampoo or conditioner adds moisture.

Wash your hair every two weeks, no matter it’s virgin straight hair or curly virgin hair. You need shampoo and conditioner when you wash your wig.

2. Drying

Do not use a blower to dry your hair wig, use dry towel to suck additional water in the hair, and place it to a ventilated place, avoid damage of hair caused by sun exposure.

How to take Properly care of human hair wig?

  1. Comb out the hair from root to tip with a wide-toothed comb or a hair extension loop brush.
  2. Do not foam your hair in the water when it is very dry. This sudden hydration causes it to expand. Gently apply conditioner and rinse with warm water.
  3. While you sleep, remove your wig and cover it in similarly soft, silky materials to avoid accruing excessive knots and tangles.
  4. Try not to use hot tools

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