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Klaiyi Independence Day Sale Up to 42% off
Independence Day is coming soon. Klaiyi has a big promotion to celebrate this great holiday with you. Let's take a look at the details.
How to make a wig?
Human hair wigs have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Whether at work, for important parties, or for casual entertainment, human hair lace front wigs have their own special appeal.
Klaiyi 618 Mid-Year Promotion 
The year 2020 passes so fast that it almost feels like the middle of the year after the New Year. I hope you can get your favorite hair wigs in this activity. Here is more information about 618 Big Sale.
Top 6 Best Bob Wigs For 2020
In this hot summer, do you want to get rid of wigs that are too thick and too heavy for your comfort? This article introduces you to the top 6 Bob wigs of 2020.
What does virgin hair mean?
Human Hair is classified as Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and No-Remy Hair according to grade. Virgin hair and Remy hair are the most popular types of human hair lace closure and human hair wigs on the market today. Because...
Good quality human hair wigs for sale-Klaiyi
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With the increasing demand for wigs, there are many kinds of wigs on the market. They come from different brands and different companies. Does that dazzle you? Are you struggling to find a good wig?
How to maintain your lace front wigs?
Do you know how long your front lace wig will last? Do you know how to take care of your virgin front lace wig? Read on and this article will give you a satisfying answer.
How to make a wig with Youth Series bundles ?
Do you know what Youth Series virgin hair is? Do you know how to make human hair wigs using Youth Series bundles? This article will give you a perfect answer.
Quality Human Hair Wigs Supplier - Klaiyi
Klaiyi is a vibrant China business, striving to provide excellent and affordable hair for today’s busy woman. Our mission is to help females around the world feel proudly beautiful. As a brand, we object the excessive...
How to Reuse Your Old Wigs?
No matter the quality of real human hair wigs, the day will come when the luster will fade and the hairs will lose their bounce. However, these human hair wigs can be brought back to life by using a few tips and trick...
Is Virgin hair better than Remy hair?
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When you start looking for a hair weave that suits you, you are likely to get confused. Virgin hair and Remy Hair, Which is better ? Read on to find out.
How To Take Care Of Kinky Curly Hair?