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Klaiyi Autumn Promotion
Klaiyi Prime Day
Klaiyi Independence Day Sale Up to 42% off
Independence Day is coming soon. Klaiyi has a big promotion to celebrate this great holiday with you. Let's take a look at the details.
Klaiyi 618 Mid-Year Promotion 
The year 2020 passes so fast that it almost feels like the middle of the year after the New Year. I hope you can get your favorite hair wigs in this activity. Here is more information about 618 Big Sale.
Klaiyi Graduation Season sale up to 20% off
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The graduation season is coming. To congratulate every customer, Klaiyi has a graduation season promotion of up to 20% off in May.
Klaiyi Women’s Day Sale
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Chinese New Year Sale/ Klaiyi hair
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Klaiyi New Year promotion
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Christmas Hair Wig Sale/ Klaiyi 2019
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Klaiyi Black Friday Sales
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Black Friday Pre-Sale



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