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What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Dying hair can refresh your look and many hair colors are on trend, but are you afraid that the result will not look good on you? Whether you're going for a natural, personalized or bold look, you have to find the hair color that works best for you. The perfect hair color makes your hair look stunning and matches your appearance and skin tone. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing the hair color. Next we will have a discuss on how to find a perfect hair color.

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1.Things You Need To Know Before Deciding The Hair Color.

Your Skin Kone

If you choose a hair color that doesn't match your skin tone, it will appear inconsistent with your skin and appearance, and it will look unnatural. Therefore, before choosing a hair color, you must first confirm whether your skin tone is cool or warm. Here are two simple ways to have a quick test.

1.Look at the veins in your arm. If your skin tone is warm, the veins will appear green. If your skin tone is cool, the veins will appear blue. If your veins don’t shows green or blue apparently , you are neutral color.

different skin tone

2.Put a white paper or shirt beside you face. If you skin shows blue or pink, you are a cool tone; For warm tones, your skin will looks yellowish or orange.

For warm skin, soft brown, chestnut, rich golden brown, auburn, golden yellow, soft gold with red highlights will be the best choice. Hair colors with reddish-orange or blonde undertones will suit you well. However, don't choose a hair color with blue, violet or gray undertones as they can make you skin color dull and lackluster. Cool skin tones look best in cool hair colors like pink, blue, violet, gray or silver color. if you choose warm color that will you skin pale. For neutral color. There is no limit, you can choose any color you like.You can read the picture below to learn more about warm color and cool color

warm color cool color

Your Eyes Color

Another factor you need to consider is your eye color. A right color will make your eyes more appealed. For example, blue and green eyes will look better with light color like ash or platinum blonde hair, or auburn and dark brown color. The dark color eyes may be more attractive with light color, while the dark will make your eye pop. So after choosing the color matching your skin tone, a right color that suit your hair is also important.

eye color

Your Personal Style

Your personal style will also affect you to make decision on choosing hair color. Do you want to keep your hair looking natural? Want a completely opposite hair color? Or want bold, unnatural colors? Decide which look best suits you and your current life. If you don’t want to be too showy, then get a natural look, you can just dye your hair two or three shades lighter or darker. If you want a bold look, you can consider an extreme color like red or blue that match your skin tone.


2.Small Tips On Hair Dying

1.Start with a little strand hair. Before dying all your hair, you’d better pick a small amount of hair underneath to test if the hair color suits you and whether to dye all the hair. This can help you to avoid an ugly look.

2.Wear a wig to test the color. If you are beginners, and have never dyed the hair, we advise you to get a color wig firstly. Since it’s no harm to your hair and if the color doesn't suit you, you can just return it.

3.Go to the hair salon for a light color. If you have dark natural color, and you want to get a light color like blonde, platinum gold, or pink.. You’d better ask the professional stylist for help. Because to get the light color, you must bleach your hair first, and then dye then hair you want. If not done properly during this process, it can cause damage to your hair and cause hair loss problem.

5.Don’t forget your eyebrow. After dying the hair don’t forget to see if your eyebrow match your hair color. Imagine that the dark color eyebrow match a light hair color, which will be wired and unnatural.

3.Klaiyi Hot Sale Color Wigs Recommend.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to dye your hair, Kaiyi hair offers all kinds of pre-dyed color wig, which are made from 100% human hair. Here are some recommend styles for you.

For warm color skin

The first one is the auburn color jerry curly pre cut lace wig. It is a wear and go wig, you can just wear out of box without. dgoing any extra work. So it is a good choice for beginners and girls whithout too much time to install and style the wig.

. IPre-Cut Lace Wig Wear And Go Wigs

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The blonde highlight wig has always been trending in recent years. It 's polpular among girls for it's affordable price and gorgeous hair color and texture.

highlight body wave wig

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Ginger color wig is also a good choice for girls who want to resh the look.The bright color make people looks full of vatality. The Lace is transparent lace,and knots are prebleached. So it is easy to get this charming look.

ginger body wave

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For Cool Color Skin

Grey Hair looks good on cool skin person, and it is still on trend in 2023. This color hair has a chic, edgy vibe and can make your skin look like it's glowing!

grey wigs

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The platinum blonde lace front wig with highlight is a same style with many youtubers and titok stars. Beside it is also choosed by many celebrities frequently , because it's elegant, stylish, and sophisticated.

platinum blonde wigs

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For a long time, we think of purple as the color of royalty and luxury, because it is difficult to get in the past. The smoky purple hair wig suit for the bold ladies to wear. The atrractive color and the glamrous hair texture make you a unique look!

purple wig

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There are many other color wigs in klaiyi, like honey blonde, Choclate brown, burgundy  color... There is always one suitable for you here. Click here to learn more about klaiyi color wigs


If you are thinking about to change your color now, you need to consider which color suit for skin tone, what your personal style is and what color suit your eye color better. Don’t dye yourself an inappropriate color on a whim. It is different to change color once you dyed, Because it will do harm to you hair and wast time. Do you often dye your hair? Do you have any tips on hair dying? Please share us your ides.

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