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Valentine's Day Giveaway

Hi girls,

Dommo does a new giveaway now in this love season, here are the rules, hope you can win! Good luck!

Find Domo Pics & Get free hair rules.
Only Two Steps:
1. Go to visit Klaiyi Hair Official Website to find her Domo Pictures.

2. Go back to domo's video and comment below the hair link you find with Domo Picture

here is Domo's new youtube video

The first who comments the correct hair link will get the same hair as me. And I will pick another two lucky girls who comment on the correct send free hair as well.
This is so interesting, come on! My family!

Giveaway Winners are chosen on Feb.14th.

Here are the winners: Maija Simpson, Diorr’ Me, Mariah Cooks!

Click here to enter 2020 Klaiyi Turntable Giveaway

Klaiyi Flash Sale

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