Klaiyi Hair: Back to School Giveaway

Klaiyi Hair Back to School Hair Giveaway+Outfits

Toni Olaoye is our Klaiyi Hair's brand ambassador😍Which outfit would you prefer on back to school day?


1. Subscribe “Klaiyi Hair” on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2zpjQhu

2. Follow @klaiyihair_no1 on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2znOy8N

3. Enter Klaiyi Hair Website and Create an account: https://www.klaiyihair.com/account/re...

4. Comment below with www.klaiyihair.com and your Email address to let me know you are joining the giveaway.


1st Winner: Click here to choose your back to school hair https://www.klaiyihair.com/collection... (Only One)

Size: 18 20 22 +16

2nd Winner: Code: Toni50    $50 OFF(Only One)

3rd Winner: Code: Toni30    $30 OFF(Only Five)

4th Winner: Code: Toni10    $10 OFF(Only Twenty)

All the Giveaway Codes(Toni50 Toni30 Toni10) are AVAILABLE now.

First Come First Served.

We will choose the first winner who followed all the rules.

Good Luck girls!!!

The first winner will be announced on Klaiyi Hair Instagram @klaiyihair_no1 .Please pay attention,girls.

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