What are the good Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors online?

With the development of the times, hair wigs are becoming more and more popular among women, and the virgin hair market is very hot now. This is a good opportunity for success. Many virgin hair wholesalers hope to cooperate with the best hair vendors at the most favorable price to carry out their digging road.

There are many wig suppliers on the market to choose from. No matter which high-quality wig supplier you want to cooperate with, you can get the wholesale price. This article will answer you on how to find the best wholesale raw hair supplier and the things you need to pay attention to when wholesale wigs.

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What information will you learn from this article?

What are the characteristics of good virgin hair vendors?

Where to find the best wholesale virgin hair vendors?

How to find the best virgin hair vendors?

What questions do I need to ask the supplier when purchasing?

Why recommend Klaiyi Hair?

What are the characteristics of good virgin hair vendors?

Whether it has its factory.

A good hair supplier needs to have the production capacity and quality assurance ability to meet the needs of the hair market. Virgin hair suppliers with their factories can continuously provide the required products based on the market, and at the same time have certain guarantees for the quality of hair weave/bundles and human hair wigs.

Whether to have an independent designer.

Good hair suppliers will develop new products independently according to virgin hair market trends, and design wigs for human hair that can always meet the needs of users. The wig designed by the designer according to the user's needs and keeping up with the fashion trend can continue to gain users' favor. Having their designer can not only continuously update the design to meet the needs of users but also take into account personalized customization needs. Suppliers have new product improvements and personalized customized design services, which also provide a strong backing for hair wholesalers.

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Whether it has a certain market position (brand awareness).

Market position refers to the difference in supplier supply in different regional markets. Generally, human hair suppliers will have their brands, and you can evaluate them by understanding the brand’s popularity, user reviews, and market share.

Whether to provide good service

Whether the delivery is timely, whether the after-sales problem can be solved reasonably, whether the overall service is good, etc.

Where to find the best wholesale virgin hair vendors?

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With the development of Internet e-commerce, many hair suppliers have turned from a single producer to an enterprise that integrates production and sales. Directly docking with the factory is of course the easiest and the most profitable way for you. If there is no factory information, you can choose to find wholesale hair suppliers on the Internet or visit a local hairdressing company in the United States.

From the e-commerce platform

Regardless of Aliexpress or Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, they will need some fees to sell directly from the factory, so all sellers will increase the price of the product. Of course, you can save a lot of time and the trouble of finding a hair supplier. But for making money, you can choose a more favorable option and contact the wig supplier directly

From the virgin hair factory

If you want to buy cheaper virgin hair bundles & best hair weave & human hair wig, we recommend that you can go to a hair factory or buy virgin hair quality from an official hair salon without paying any fees. On the one hand, you are more familiar with the source of purchase, and on the other hand, you can maximize profits. 90% of the world's human hair wig production comes from China. For Klaiyi Hair, a hair wig supplier with 10 years of production and sales experience, you can learn about it and visit the factory.

How to find the best virgin hair vendors?

If you want to get the maximum sales from the hair accessories business, you need to ensure that you sell high-quality hair accessories. If you sell them low-quality hair, no customers will come to you.
In most cases, the only way to know if you have found the right supplier is to buy samples and test your hair.
You will leave your hair for about a month, then try it on.
Do bleaching test and burning test. Another good strategy is to search on YouTube and contact the person who bought the hair to collect opinions and comments.

What questions do I need to ask the supplier when purchasing?

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You can ask the supplier the following important questions:

What makes your hair better than others

Is your beam double weft or triple weft?

How are your grades different?

Is it Raw Hair, Virgin Hair, or Remy Hair?

Are the cuticles aligned?

Is it processed or unprocessed?

Do you have a certificate of authenticity?

Is it handmade or Machine-Made?

Where does it come from?

Can it be washed/colored/with heated tools?

How long is your delivery time?

Why recommend Klaiyi Hair?

Klaiyi Hair has its factory, and the price of human hair products is the direct factory price. Reducing intermediate links can save you a lot of time and money. We have our factory and can provide reliable products, including hair bundles, lace closures/frontal, hair weave, human hair wigs, etc.

Klaiyi Hair has a professional design team. We can make hair products that keep pace with the times according to user needs and market changes. And can provide personalized customized services.

Klaiyi Hair can give you a good wholesale price, which means that in the face of good products, our wholesale price is lower, and at the same price, our quality is better.

Klaiyi Hair has a professional website technical team that can provide you with a safe online environment and a complete after-sales service and return policy

Quality assurance. The pure natural hair we sell is only 100% pure human pure natural human hair, without any chemical treatment. You can dye or bleach any color by yourself, ironing and re-styling.

30-day guarantee. Klaiyi Hair recommends that you check your hair after receipt. If the size, style, color does not match your needs, please contact us within 30 days for return or exchange.

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