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12 Common Wig Mistakes And The Solution To Avoid Them

Have you decided to become a wig buyer? If so, you are welcome to buy your favorite wig. But the human hair wig you purchased doesn't look as good as you hoped it would or doesn't give you the feeling you want.

Don't worry. Every first-time wig wearer has experienced this too. The good news is that for every mistake, there is a solution. To help you achieve your wig goals, we've put together 12 common wig mistakes and what you can do to fix them.


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Wig Mistake 1 Expecting Too Much

  • Instagram, YouTube and other TV shows feature amazing wigs. This proliferation of seemingly perfect wigs has distorted our view of what makes a good wig. It's easy to compare these wigs to what we wear daily, leading us to believe that our wigs aren't as good as they could be. Often these wigs can be edited to look even better.


  • Ultimately, a wig is a wig, and while there are steps you can take to make your wig look more realistic and like what you see online, it is important to manage your expectations and not feel bad if your wig doesn't look 100% like what you see online.

Wig Mistake 2 Incorrect wig cap size

  • This is very important, and an ill-fitting wig can cause unnecessary stress. Too big and it will be bulky in the back; too small and it will slide backwards.


  • Before buying a wig, measure the circumference of your head. The 3 common wig sizes are.
  • Small 21.5 inches
  • Medium 22.5 inches
  • Large 23.5 inches.
  • If your size is somewhere in between, choose the closest size and never shrink.

Wig Mistake 3 Too much or too little hair

  • Getting the right hair density can take trial and error (especially if you're buying a wig online), and everyone has different density preferences. Too thick, and your wig looks "wiggy". Too thin, and your wig won't look right.


  • Refer to the density chart we've compiled below so you can make the right decision when choosing your density.
  • Cap size short 10" - 16"
  • long 18" - 22"
  • Small 130% density or 2 bundles 180% density or 3 bundles
  • Medium 150% density or 2.5 bunches 180% density or 3 bunches
  • Large 150% density or 2.5 bunches 180% density or 3 bunches

Wig Mistake 4 Not Wearing It Right

  • One worry that every wig wearer has probably encountered is the debate over how to secure the wig properly. The fear of a wig falling out in public can turn many people off from wearing it, while not fitting it correctly can cause many wig problems.


  • A wig-fixing method that works for you is the key to avoiding common wig mistakes. Combs, clips and glue are popular ways to attach wigs. Use your natural hairline as a reference. Your wig should be placed slightly in front of your hairline.

Wig Mistake 5 Over-pulling the hairline

  • No one wants a sparse, patchy hairline, especially on a new wig, and that's not the look. Being slightly heavy with tweezers can be a costly mistake.


  • Tweeze in sections and don't repeat the same area too many times. If you still manage to overpack, you can always use one of our 2 repair services to replace your lace, so you have a fresh base.

Wig Mistake 6 Excessive Bleaching

  • Too much bleaching can cause damage to the fragile lace. When bleaching the hair knots on your wig, be careful and time it to avoid over-bleaching and damaging your wig. Not only will this weaken your hair knots (if bleached for too long), but it will also make your wig look less natural.


  • Make sure your bleach consistency is thick, not runny. Apply the bleach evenly with a spatula. Use 20 volumes of developer and leave it on for no more than 45-60 minutes.

Wig mistake 7 Using too much glue

  • Wig glue is a popular way to attach wigs, especially full lace and 13x4 lace frontal wigs. However, the dark side of wig glue is rarely discussed. Not only can it cause damage to your skin and hair, but it can also damage your wig. Using too much glue regularly and applying and removing it can create many problems.


  • If you are a die-hard wig glue lover and are not ready to move to a gentler, easier-to-use fixing method like a wig holder, be sure to use wig glue sparingly and responsibly to avoid additional problems.

Wig Mistake 8 Ignoring Your Natural Hair

  • Wigs can be a great protective style, but a common mistake people can make when wearing a wig is to ignore the natural hair underneath. Just because your hair is hidden under a wig doesn't mean you can forget about it.
  • Even if you wear a wig every day, it's still important to take care of your natural hair underneath to keep it healthy, or you could end up damaging it.


  • Make sure you wash your natural hair regularly to keep it moisturized and take care of it even when wearing a wig.

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Wig mistake 9 Cutting the lace in a straight line

  • This is a major mistake, and if you cut your lace line too straight, you risk making your wig look more like a hair cap than anything else. This mistake is one to avoid if you're using regular Swiss lace rather than 5x5 HD lace wigs.


  • Use cuticle scissors to cut the lace into a zigzag shape.

Wig mistake 10 Not conditioning or moisturizing hair extensions enough

  • Human hair extensions are more prone to dryness because they are no longer in contact with the sebum produced by the scalp, the body's natural way of keeping hair moist and healthy.
  • Not conditioning or moisturizing your hair extensions enough can lead to excessive dryness, tangling and breakage, and we don't want that.


  • Deep condition your extensions every 3 weeks and use a leave-in conditioning spray daily.

Wig Mistake 11 Using serums or oils to moisturize your wig

  • First, serums and oils don't moisturize. Only water does that. Thick serums and oils can weigh down hair extensions, causing them to look lacklustre and greasy-looking.


  • Use only a small amount of a light serum and oil, such as argan oil, when needed.

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Wig mistake 12 Inconsistent and incorrect wig care

  • Over time, this can lead to damaged wigs that no longer look and feel as they once did. A good, consistent wig care routine is the key to making wigs and extensions last longer.


  • Stick to products and tools that are specifically designed for wigs and extensions.


With a detailed 12-step guide, we hope that they will ensure your wig looks new and fresh. Are there any other mistakes to avoid? Let us know in the comments below!

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