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13X4 Lace Frontal Wig, The trendy Hairstyle In 2023

Nowadays, the more mature the hair market has become, the more product categories are available. Front lace wig hairstyles are super stylish, versatile, and popular, leading the way in fashion for years. Using lace frontal wigs, you can try as many different hairstyles as you want without getting the wrong results. Do not miss this article if you want a detailed review of this product. You will have a basic understanding of front lace and its features.


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1 What is frontal lace?

A front lace is a piece of mesh with the hair sewn or glued properly. Unlike the middle section lace closure, this hair piece comes in different types, such as the middle section, side section, and even ponytail.

A common size for frontal wig hairstyles is 13 x 4 inches, which can cover your hairline. In addition to frontal lace, there are other types of lace extensions: wigs and closures. They all have the same manufacturing technique. The difference is in size.

The closure lace is the smallest in size, usually 4×4 or 4×6 inches, and is installed on top of the head. The wig has a 3D shape that covers the entire scalp of the user.

2 Types of lace

Typical lace types are plain lace and HD lace.

HD lace forehead wig hairstyle Invisible lace with 100% virgin hair attached This type allows the user to have an exposed natural hairline. This is the thinnest lace on the front; therefore, you can minimize sweating and let it disappear into your scalp.

Regular lace frontal wig hairstyle This is the cheapest lace option that many people buy. It is more opaque than HD frontal lace, which is more difficult to see on the scalp. The hairline needs bleached knots to look natural and blend in with the skin.

Sheer Lace Frontal Wig Hairstyles

HD lace front is a type of Swiss lace, and the transparent version has the most proportion of Swiss lace and is a type of French lace. It is considered thin and breathable but does not fit as close to the skin of the head as HD lace wig hairstyles. This type is very popular with light-skinned women.

Typical frontal wig hairstyle

Frontal straight hair This is one of the most popular hairstyles for hair extensions. Straight hair can be dyed in various colors or braided. You can get stylish bone straight human hair front wig hairstyles with carefully flattened strands to create a natural smooth look. You can also opt for layered straight hair for a more youthful look.

Wavy Wig Hairstyles

Curly hair, wavy hair, jagged hair, and more wavy wig hairstyles are available. Loose curls give a feminine, sophisticated look, while tight curls give you a sporty, lively look. In addition to keeping the lace closed in the center section, you must also consider how you will define the curls once you obtain this hairstyle.

Frontal wig hairstyle with braids

Since creating braids takes a lot of time and effort, human hair braid extensions seem to be the best option. You do not have to deal with the scalp pain caused by weaving or twisting your natural hair.

Disadvantages of frontal wig hairstyles

Difficult to get started

If you are new to this hairstyle, it may be difficult to use because it is attached to the top of the head, so it is difficult to see the entire area.

High cost

Human hair is the highest quality source for center-parted lace closures; therefore, the price of this product is more luxurious than other hair extensions, such as synthetic or fabric extensions. However, the price is still considered affordable as quality is tied to cost.

3 How to apply frontal lace hairstyles

The steps for wearing frontal wig hairstyles are as follows.

Step 1: Wash your hair and ensure your scalp is clean. This is where the hair extensions will be placed. Make sure your hair is completely dry before tying on the lace.

Step 2: Lay your natural hair flat on your head; the more it fits your scalp, the better the lace will look. Short hair will only need to be flattened with gel, while long hair will need to be wrapped or covered with lace.

Step 3: Place and adjust the frontal wig hairstyle before installation. Since frontal wigs only cover a specific part of the head, unlike wigs, make sure your cap just covers your hairline.

Step 4: Wash the skin around the application area with a mild cleanser to remove any grease or stickiness. Spray on a scalp protector to create a barrier between the adhesive and the skin on your head.


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4 How to care for it

To ensure that your forehead wig hairstyle lasts as long as feasible, you must follow certain care practices, and here are some helpful tips to keep your center-parted lace closure wig in good condition.

1 Clean your frontal lace properly Your frontal wig hairstyle should be cleaned at least once a week. After rinsing your lace in warm water, wash it in cold water because the hair strands become finer and more likely to fall out or break.

2 Keep your scalp clean Before applying the forehead wig hairstyle, remember to wash your hair and keep your scalp clean. Because this product will stay on your head for a long time, make sure it doesn't get dirty from your scalp or your real hair strands.

3 Shampoo and hair care products Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type. Choose a shampoo containing natural ingredients to avoid the negative effects of chemicals. After you wash your hair, you should use a thorough conditioner. Apply a moisturizing hair oil daily to keep your front lace smooth and hydrated.

5 Summary

Do you find frontal lace relevant to your needs? Which frontal wig hairstyle do you plan to purchase? Feel free to comment below.

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