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15 Stunning Brown Color To Inspire Your New Look(With Pictures)

When talks about brown hair color, dark brown, light brown or medium brown? In fact, there are more than just these browns. Try mixing brown with other colors or adding some highlights. You will find that a little difference will make your entire look more attractive. Here, we have listed 15 different brown hair color ideas, whether you are short hair or long hair, I believe you will get inspired.

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1.Cappuccino Brown Hair color.

Cappuccino Brown Hair color

What is cappuccino brown hair color? Think of a cup of cappuccino. The dark brown base color has golden and rich brown highlights. The whole look looks warmer and gentler just like the hot cappuccino.

2.Brown Bazelnut Hair Color.

Brown Bazelnut Hair Color

Do you know the color of hazelnut shells? That's what we often say hazelnut brown hair color. This is a great natural brown hair color to try and it will look great on any skin tone.

3.Brown Dirty Blonde Hair

Brown Dirty Blonde Hair

This color is not as bright as the classic blonde, it is a dark gold, the “dirty” refers to the brown, medium blonde hue in this color. This color is easy to get for girls with dark hair, and you don’t have to bleach your hair to get a softer look.

4.Natural Medium Brown Hair.

Natural Medium Brown Hair

The medium brown color is a classic warm color. Its color is neither dark nor light, which can create an attractive look for you but it’s not obtrusive. So for beginners, if you want to try color hair, it ‘s a best choice.

5.Butterscotch Brown Hair Color.

Butterscotch Brown Hair Color

This color is like a sweet butterscotch, a mix of caramel and gold color, and it usually has warm honey gold highlights which makes you looks more attractive.

6.Light Chestnut Brown Hair.

Light Chestnut Brown Hair

This brown color is very similar to chestnut, it is a warm brown shade with a slight red tint. For this color, whatever hair texture you have, you will always get a stunning look.

7.Mahogany Brown Hair Color.

Mahogany Brown Hair Color

Do you know what mahogany brown hair color is? The name may not sound familiar to you, but you definitely know the reddish brown color. Mahogany brown is a combination of brown and red. It is also suitable for various skin colors.

8.Toffee Brown Hair Color.

Toffee Brown Hair Color

This color is named after the toffee candy because it is very similar in color to toffee. Toffee brown hair color features a brown base with the golden, red,honey blonde highlights which offers a rich brown shade for you.

9.Violet Brown Hair Color.

Violet Brown Hair Color

Violet brown hair color is to add purple shades to brown hair. When you think of purple you might think of bright violet, but this color isn't that bright. It can create a natural look for you while making your hair color very distinctive

10.Dark Brown Human Hair Wig.

Dark Brown Human Hair Wig

The natural dark brown hair  color is a classic color, it looks like the nature black color, but it has the brown undertone, you can also call it chocolate brown. This color is super versatile. No matter what skin color you are or what hairstyle you have, you can always try the dark brown human hair wig.

11.Brown Hair With Ginger Highlights.

Brown Hair With Ginger Highlights

If you want to spice up your hair color and try something bold, then brown with ginger highlights is a color worth trying. Natural brown plus the hot picked ginger color make you whole look full of vitality.

12.Red Chocolate Brown Hair.

Red Chocolate Brown Hair

Red chocolate brown is also known as reddish brown color, auburn color, or copper red color. It is a mixed color of brown and red, which will make you look more eye-catching.

13.Ash Brown Curly Hair.

Ash Brown Curly Hair

Ash brown hair colorj combines gray and brown to make the overall look more elegant. This color is more suitable for people with light or warm skin tones.

14.Amber Brown Hair Color.

Amber Brown Hair Color

Amber brown is a charming color, which has golden, red and brown shades.If you are considering to change your hair color in spring, It’s a good choice.

15.Red Highlights In Brown Hair.

Red Highlights In Brown Hair

Highlight idea is a classic trend. If you love red color But think it too conspicuous to wear full head red, then try red highlights in brown hair which will make you more different. The brown base color makes the whole look very natural, while the red highlights can show off your personality.

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