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18 Inch VS 24 Inch Hair, Which One to choose?

18 inch and 24 inch hair are both hot picked hair length. Many girls may be nervous to make choice when choosing hair. Because it won’t look good if the hair is too short or too long. Wondering how to get a right length? Let’s explore together!

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1.How Long Is 18 Inch Hair?

18 inches hair is a popular hair length, and it looks beautiful on everyone. Because this is a perfect medium length that is suitable to create all hairstyles and fashion vibes. To know how long it is for 18 inch hair, we should make sure what hair texture you want. Because it will looks different for different hair texture with same length. For straight hair, 18 inch hair reaches the mid back, For curly or wavy hair, 18 inch may only reaches the arm pit length or just a little longer than that.

2.How long is 24 inch hair?

24-inch hair is long style hair. It will make people have a sense of elegance and luxoury. If you're searching for long and dreamy looks, this is the perfect length for you.. It is wist length for straight hair style. But for curly hair, 24 inches may just reach the mid back length.

different hair length

3. 18 inch or 24 inch, which suits me better?

To Know which length fit you perfectly, you must think over the following factors when buying hair.

Realize your ideal hair length.

perfect hair length

Before making choice, you need to know your general ideal hair length. Do you want a neck lengtht hair, shoulder length or waist length long hair? With the length goal, you can get the right length faster.

Your Height

The same length of extension cord will look completely different on two people of different heights. If you're shorter than average height, you'll probably like a length of 12 to 16 inches. If you are of average height, 18 to 24 inches is ideal. If you're taller than average, consider 24 to 30 inches.

The Texture You Want.

The hair texture must be considered when choosing hair length. For Example, if you are average height and you want a medium length wig or weaves, 18 inch straight wig is ok, but if you want wavy hair or curly hair, you need to consider 20inch, 22 inch even 24 inch hair.

4.What Need To Be Considered When purchasing a wig?

There are many other factors you need to consider except your height, the texture you want. Only in this way, you can get a wig that suit you mostly.


Your budget will decide what kind of wig you can get. If you have a tight budget, the headband wig, v part wig, u part wig, short length lace bob wig. If you have enough budget, you can choose long length lace front wig or Skin melt HD lace wig.

Hair Material

Wigs are generally made from two main materials: synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair wig is cheaper than human hair, but it is easy to tangle, shed and difficult to maintain. In comparison, human hair is superior in quality, not prone to tangles and hair loss, easy to care for, and has a natural luster. So hair material is an important thing you must consider.

Lace Size

There are many kinds of lace size hair product in hair market. If you want to get a lace wig, you also need to think over which lace size you want. Currently we have 4*4, 5*5 lace closure wig, 13*4 lace front wig. 7*5, 6*4.5 large lace size wig. Besides there are also cost-efficient 13*5 and 4*0.75 lace part wig. You can choose the lace size depend on your needs. Large lace size wig is easy to do style while the lace part wig is cheaper.

The Volume

The volume will affect the final look of a wig. The higher the density is, the fuller the wig will be. Usually, the wig density is 130%, 150%, 180%, some supplier even offers 200% and 250% density If you want a full look, you need to consider to get a wig with high density.


A right length hair wig will make you good look. You need to have a clear aim about what length, what type hair, what hair texture you want before purchasing, thus you will be less likely to make mistake mistake buying a wig that doesn’t suit you. If you are still hesitate about the hair length, just buy the one you want, the return policy will be your guarantee. Hop this article will be helpful to you.

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