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18 Inch Weave Hair To Know

Straight, wavy and curly hair weaves will not be the same length in the weave hair length chart. Knowing how to measure your weave hair is essential. To properly and accurately measure a wavy or curly hair weave, be sure to stretch your hair weave from root to tip.

First, grab your hair weave and comb it. Combing your hair weave will help stretch your weave without causing unnecessary damage. Next, hold a tape measure or a ruler next to your hair weave. Lay your hair weave flat and gently stretch it from the roots to the tips, making sure you keep tabs on the tape measure.

1.Straight Hair Weave

Technically speaking, a straight weave is much longer than a wavy or curly weave. Because it is straight from root to tip, it is easier to measure directly. To measure a straight weave, you simply lay the weave flat and hold a tape measure next to it.

When ordering a hair weave with texture, especially if you want to try a wavy hair weave, add at least an inch or two. If you want a curly hair weave, add at least four to six inches of allowance to achieve the style you want.


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2.Popular hair weave lengths

According to the hair weave chart, there are three types of weave hair lengths: short, medium and long weave hair lengths. Besides, if we refer to the weave hair chart, the lengths usually start from 8 inches to 32 inches.

Let's learn about the differences between the three classifications of weave hair lengths, how many strands you need to use to achieve a full hair weave, and other unique features of each classification in the weave hair length chart.

Short Weave Hair Lengths

What's the most sought-after weave hair length for summer? Short hair. While everyone is enjoying their free time on the beach, you will see countless women flaunting their short hair. If we refer to the hair weave chart, under the short hair category, weave hair lengths range from 8 inches to 14 inches.

According to the hair weave length chart, if the weave texture is straight but not on your shoulders, then this hair is usually woven around your neck. If you want to choose a short weave length, two to three weave strands are usually enough to cover a full hair weave.


One of the most popular features of a short weave is that it gives your hair a fuller, more bouncy look. In addition, unlike longer weaves, short weave lengths are less tangled and more manageable and easier to maintain. It accentuates your best features and suits almost all face shapes.

Short hair gives a youthful and energetic look. Don't underestimate the ability of short hair to recreate a myriad of hairstyles, such as the curly short bob, the wavy straight bob, and the most classic pixie cut.


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Medium weave hair length

A rule of thumb for the hair weave length chart: choose a hair weave that does not add too much length over your natural hair. In the hair weave length chart, medium weave hair lengths are approximately 16 inches to 22 inches or 40 cm to 55 cm. If you are considering a medium weave length, you only need a minimum of 4 to 5 strands for a bouncy and voluminous look.


This weave is not too short or too long, making it a perfect choice if you want to enhance your natural hair without complicated hairstyles or post-care. If you are looking for bouncy and thicker weave hair look, then the medium weave length is the best choice for you. It fits and blends well with natural hair, creating a voluminous look. Since it's not too short or too long, you can avoid tangles and reduce the hassle of post-care.

Long weave hair length

Referring to the weave hair chart, long weave hair starts from 24 inches to 32 inches, approximately 60 cm to 80 cm. For years, long hair has been one of the most popular hairstyles in the hairdressing industry. No one can resist flaunting their long, healthy, voluminous, bouncy hair.

Not to mention, long hair is timeless. You won't have any problems when it comes to redesigning your hairstyle because you have a longer mane to accommodate a myriad of hairstyles. If you are considering weaving longer hair, it will take five to seven hair weave bundles to achieve the desired fullness and natural look.


Long weave hair lengths are the most flexible hair lengths available. You can enjoy the benefits of a long mane since there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to hairstyles or even haircuts. However, because your hair is so long, your hair can easily tangle, fall out and become matted. If you want your long hair to look natural and healthy, sophisticated aftercare is a must. We will also recommend hair products for long hair weaves that you must use.



3.18 inch weave hair

One type of weave hair that is very popular right now is the 18 inch weave hair. The 18 inch weave hair is very popular because it only takes a few hours and for some hairstyles, it only takes a few minutes to completely change your look. We sell all the best hair.

Whether you want hair from Brazil, India, Malaysia and all other places, you can find them in our store. 18 inch weave hairstyles Straight hair If you like bangs, then I have the right style for you. The bangs are medium thickness, so even people who have never used bangs before can easily use them.

Another thing is that it won't cover your eyes. Curly Hair Even if you want to use curls, you can create a stylish look with an 18-inch weave. Secure your hair in a high bun and then let the other part of your hair flow easily. Note that body waves are amazing when it comes to creating volume.

That's what the style does for you here. Go ahead and choose a color that matches your skin tone.


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4.Benefits of 18 inch weave hair

Different styles

Using an 18 inch weave or wig will change your style. In addition, you can use the hair to experiment with different hair textures and lengths. There are more options to change the desired hairstyle. This is because it is easy to fit your style and your many occasions.

More natural

An 18-inch braid looks more natural, especially if your hair is naturally short to medium. With this length, you will convince most people that this is your natural hair. If you use the same hair texture as yours, then all questions about whether or not the hair is your natural hair will not arise. People will continue to believe that it is your natural hair.

Easy to maintain

It takes less time to clean and style and even comb in place. Depending on the texture you choose, you won't have to spend a lot of time on hair care.


Knowing the difference between hair weave charts and hair weave lengths makes it easy when choosing the most appropriate weave length for you. Weave length is just as important as texture because it depends on both, how naturally your weave blends with your natural hair. If you happen to want to change the length and style of your hair, an 18 inch weave is just right for you.

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