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6 Tips To Make Your Indian Hair Wig Look Natural

What is Indian hair?

Indian hair is very high-quality hair and is highly regarded in the beauty industry. Raw Indian hair is versatile, naturally silky and lustrous – and blends well with African American hair. It can be obtained in multiple textures and does not need to undergo harsh chemical treatments to attain a particular style. Klaiyi Indian hair is very light, airy, full of bounce and easy to style. If you are looking for a natural wave style then this is the hair for you.

7A Grade Virgin Indian Deep Wave

6 Tips to make your Indian hair wig look natural

Choose the right wig to capsize

When a wig is ill-fitting, it can move around on the head or pop up in the back. This will not only be uncomfortable, but it will not look natural.  Finding the right size wig for your head will make your wig feel more comfortable, it will also help your wig look more natural.

Rooted Colors 

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp.

Most people have shades of color and gradients throughout their hair.

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp. 

Buying a wig with roots similar to your current hair color will make your wig look more natural without having to do any additional work.

Get a Trim

If you're not happy with your new wig, ask a professional barber to trim it. To mimic that natural, grown outlook, take your wig to a stylist and ask her to use a razor to cut in some layers or jagged edges.

ALWAYS Line Up Your Wig With Your Natural Hairline

Align your wig with your natural hairline and your wig will look natural. That’s why it’s super important that each time you put on your wig, you take the time to line it up properly.

Transparent Lace wigs are great at mimicking a natural hairline. If you’re lucky enough to have some natural hair, try ‘blending’ your natural hairline with the hairline of a lace front wig.

Wash and take good care of your wig regularly

No matter you wear lace front wigs or full lace wigs, we both need to take good care of it. Keep your wig clean and healthy just like to treat it as your own hair, this is the key to extend your wig lifespan. Not only for the real looking, keeping your wig for a long service time is also important.

 Replace Your Wig Regularly

Long use and cleaning can cause damage to wigs. To ensure the longevity and natural appearance of wigs, you can purchase multiple wigs to replace them. Plan to replace your human hair wigs every 6 to 12 months.

How to take care of Indian hair?

  1. Wash your hair every two weeks, no matter it’s Indian straight or  Indian deep wave. You need shampoo and conditioner when you wash your wig. The hair is not attached to your scalp,it does not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of the natural oils.
  2. Comb out the hair from root to tip with a wide-toothed comb or a hair extension loop brush.
  3. Style hair as desired. Heat style sparingly to avoid damaging the hair.
  4. Never let your hair open on a bike. The wind will make your hair dry and rough. Either put on a helmet/scarf or tie your hair into a ponytail.




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