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6x6 Closures VS 4x4 Closures, Which Is The Best Choice?

In today's society, the demand for beauty is evolving with the times. Making their hair look natural is of utmost importance for everyone who likes hair extensions or wigs. As we all know, 6x6 closures and 4x4 closures are known as human hair lace closures. In the early days of the hair market, 4x4 lace closures appeared earlier than 6x6 lace closures.

With the rapid development of 4x4 human hair closures, 6x6 human hair closures also emerged with the different needs of people. But what does a 6x6 closure have to do with a 4x4 closure, and which is the best choice? That's the topic we'll discuss today.

1 Similarities

We should first understand the similarities between them.

Raw Material

High-quality 6x6 and 4x4 closures are made with imported lace closures of the highest quality and 100% virgin human hair. All human hair is knotted by hand into the lace holes.

The exquisite craft ensures excellent quality and long life. With proper maintenance, 6x6 lace closure installation and 4x4 lace closure installation can last about 6-8 months.

    Sewing process

    Both 6x6 and 4x4 closures are an important part of sewing, and their sewing procedures are the same. Please carefully sew 6x6 closure wigs and 4x4 closure wigs correctly. The right way of sewing will give you a natural look and protect your scalp.

    The 6x6 and 4x4 with bundle lace are just like our hair, and you need to take more care of them. If you are a human hair beginner, you'd better consult your hair supplier or professional hairdresser to get some advice.


      Both 6x6 hair bows and 4x4 hair bows are used for closure installation. 6x6 lace closure wigs are made with 6x6 lace closure band bundles, and 4x4 lace closure wigs are made with 4x4 lace closure band bundles.

      6x6 closures and 4x4 closures are important in connecting the seams. With 6x6 and 4x4 closure stitching, you will get a natural hairline as if the hair is growing out of your head.

        2 Differences

        Coverage area

        Since lace size is the biggest difference between 6x6 and 4x4, the coverage area is also different. 6x6 lace will have a larger coverage area than 4x4 lace.


          Since they are high quality, human hair closures have great breathability. So the larger the lace size, the more breathable it will be. The 6x6 lace front closure will cover a larger area than the 4x4 lace front closure, so the 6x6 lace front closure will be more breathable than the 4x4 lace front closure.

            Size of lace

            6x6 Closure and 4x4 Closure both cover the middle part of the head. But the lace size is the biggest difference between 6x6 and 4x4 closures. Just like their names, the lace size of 6x6 is 6 inches long and 6 inches wide. But the lace size of 4x4 is 4 inches long by 4 inches wide.

              4x4 Lace Closures


              Due to the size of the lace, the best 6x6 closures cost a little more than 4x4 lace closures.

                3 How to care?


                Despite creating a realistic scalp, you must be careful when installing and removing it. Because each strand of lace is tied in a knot, the lace is much more sensitive than usual.

                Apply shampoo or conditioner downward when cleaning your closures, and gently rub the lace as it lathers. If your closures have tangles, don't worry.

                Gradually run your fingers through or brush the synthetic hair from the top to the roots.

                Hold the hair near the lace to avoid pulling on the strands.

                Carelessness may lead to unwanted hair loss, breakage, and lace tears.


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                  4 Summary

                  Both Closure will give you the full experience and get natural-looking hair while protecting your natural hair and scalp from damage. The difference between the two is only one inch. Both types of closures use the same installation method and provide a realistic hairline.

                  Therefore, both options are good choices. Which one you should choose depends on your personal preference, your personal hair needs, and your budget. You can choose either of them to create a beautiful hairstyle of your own.

                  5 Feedback

                  Do you prefer a 4x4 or 6x6 Closure? Please leave your feedback below. Thank you for being so cooperative.

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