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9 Tips to take care of your human hair weave

When you buy a good human hair weave, you expect it not to shed, tangle. You should know how to maintain your human virgin hair, which will continue to give you a natural and beautiful appearance. We will share some ways to make your hair look more natural.

1. Don’t untangle the weave when it’s wet    

Before you start washing the weave, brush out any tangles. If it’s a curly or wavy human hair weave, you can simply finger comb it to avoid creating more tangles or giving it a fizzy look.

Notice that does not comb your hair immediately after washing, comb it after the hair is dry. When combing your human hair wig, Use special wide Iron comb or steel comb to comb your hair, start from hair end to top, this will prevent your hair wig from shedding. If you have human curly hair wig, the comb should not be used frequently, use your hand to make it orderly after wearing.

2. Washing hair in all directions

When washing your human hair weave, you need to be very gentle. Place the shampoo or conditioner on the palm of your hands and then run it through the weave. 

Let your human hair weave soak in the shampoo. Make sure the shampoo or conditioner adds moisture.

3. Error cleaning   

One of the common mistakes people make is washing the weave in the shower by directly applying shampoo and lathering. The best way to wash your weave is to have it removed and washed then re-install it.

4. Dry Your Hair Wig  

Having a wet weave is not just uncomfortable but can be a health hazard too. The dampness can quickly cause your scalp to start smelling and you’ll feel like the wet hair is a heavy basket on top of your hair. Dry your weave completely after washing it and touch the weft to make sure it’s not wet before having it installed.

Do not use a blower to dry your hair wig, use dry towel to suck additional water in the hair, and place it to a ventilated place, avoid damage of hair caused by sun exposure.

5. Don’t try to perm or relax the weave 

Do not use Flat-iron or curler, it will cause you hair wig lack of glossy, dry and easy to broken.

Human hair weaves come with a smooth and fine texture so that you don’t have to apply relaxers. Applying these chemicals can lead to further processing that damages your weave.

6. Don’t wash the weave too often                

Washing human hair too often can cause it to become dry and brittle especially if you don’t use a moisturizing shampoo. Wash your human hair weave once about 1-2 months is best, and also it depends on the frequency of wearing.

 Just ensure that you treat the weave using a deep conditioning treatment. It helps to give it a more natural look.

7. Don't wear a wig too long       

Hair extensions can damage your hairline if poorly installed and left to stay on the head for too long. 

Remove your hair extensions periodically to wash and condition the hair underneath.

It will help you maintain a good appearance and still take care of your natural hair.

If you're wearing a wig, you can buy two or more to replace it.

8. Do Not Use Hair Spray     

Do not use hairspray like gel water, pomade to your hair wig, it will make hair be oiled and get messy easily.

9. Not Tie Your Hair Wig Up Too High

You absolutely can wear your hair wig up. Just need to know the "rule" that does not tie your hair extensions too high, just in case your hair leaves out.



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