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All Information Of Magical Wet And Wavy Hair

Are you looking for a chic and gorgeous curly hairstyle that the curl looks bouncy and sleek for any occasion like going to a gym or a party, the new trending wet and wavy hair is a perfect choice for you? Recently, wet and wavy hair becomes popular among women and girls since it gives a unique look and is easy to style.

What is wet and wavy hair?

wet and wavy hair

Wet and wavy hair is a kind of hair texture that the curl looks always fresh wet and bouncy. The feature of wet and wavy hair is that your straight hair can be easily changed into curly hair without any chemical treatments.

Besides, it has versatile hairstyles to meet diversified needs, including wet and wavy lace front wigs with trending colors, deep wave hair and bob wig, etc.

How do you wear wet and wavy hair?

The followings are various ways to style your wet and wavy hair. For a perfect hair look, go and check!

1. Natural Wet And Wavy Hair

Natural Wet And Wavy Hair

It is easy to achieve this natural wet and wavy hair. After wearing a wet and wavy wig, you can also use a curling iron to make beautiful curls. After that, spray your hair with bottled water to keep the curl damp a bit, and then apply hair oil to keep your hair moisturized. Then you are all set and ready to go.

2. Wet And Wavy Braiding Hair

Wet And Wavy Braiding Hair

For wavy hair, we can change hair length, hairstyles, and textures by installing hair weaves. You can also braid your hair into different hairstyles based on individual preference.

Separate your hair into several sections and braid each section. Pin your sections to your head securing each section into place. Ensuring your hair is fully dry, unravel the twists carefully fluffing your hair.

3. Bun And Ponytail Waves

Ponytail Waves

Wet and wavy hair is not boring at all but different options to choose from. If you want your hairstyle to be vibrant and cute, throw your wet curly hair into a high and sleek ponytail with hair wavy or side-buns, space buns that bring you a cute vibe and hold you up a whole day.

How to take care of your wet and wavy hair?

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For wet and wavy hair, most beginners have no idea how to maintain it properly. That is ok. Today we are here to share the hair care secrets with you.

1. Use fingers or a wide-tooth comb when detangling wet and wavy extensions.

2. Style your weave hair with a soft brush

3. Apply hair cream or oil to keep it damp and moisturized

4. Braid or twist your hair when it is wet

5. Take it off or sleep with a scarf or satin pillowcase to avoid frizz and friction

6. Avoid heat as much as possible

7. Rinse your wet and wavy hair with cold water to keep the shine of it

Pay attention to the time of dry winter and hot summer!!! In the dry and cold winter, co-washing is helpful to keep your hair moisturized, defined, and bouncy. In the hot and humid summer, your hair exposed to heat is easy to stay in a weak and lifeless condition.

Therefore, just follow the seven tips to prolong the lifespan of your wavy hair during this special time. I am sure your hair is gonna be perfect and can be used for a long time.

The Premium and Stunning Wet and Wavy Hair For You

As a famous hair brand, Sunber Hair provides affordable and premium wet and wavy hair for every woman. All of them bring you a different and comfortable wearing experience and offer a natural and stunning hair look. Pick your favorite wet and wavy wig and rock it on any occasion!!!

Wet And Wavy Hair Extensions(Ponytail Hairstyle)

Wet And Wavy Hair Extensions

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Magical Wet And Wavy With Body Movement

Wet And Wavy wig

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Chic Balayage Highlight Wavy Hair In Trending

Balayage Highlight Wavy Hair

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If there is any magical hair in the hair world, it would undoubtedly be Wet and Wavy Hair. Even though your hair is soaked by rain or gets wet simply, the curls can be activated and the wet and wavy still looks just as good. There is no need to hesitate, just grab one for your next new look!!!

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