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Best 8 Volleyball Hairstyles

A proper volleyball hairstyle is one that is practical, comfortable and safe for the player while adhering to any team or league rules regarding hair length, accessories or color. A proper easy volleyball hairstyle is about more than just aesthetics.

1.Definition of a Volleyball Hairstyle

There is no specific hairstyle called a "volleyball haircut". However, volleyball players, like athletes in other sports, often prefer hairstyles that are practical and functional, so that their hair does not cover their face while playing.

Volleyball Hairstyle

Common hairstyles for volleyball games include ponytails, braids, buns, and even hair bands to hold the hair in place and prevent it from getting in the way during the game.

These hairstyles are chosen for convenience and the ability to stay in place while the player is active on the volleyball court. Players can choose from a variety of styles based on personal preference, hair length and comfort.

2.The Importance of Proper Volleyball Hairstyles

The importance of the right volleyball hairstyle can be understood in several ways: Practicality: A suitable volleyball hairstyle is one that does not interfere with a player's vision, especially when moving or jumping quickly. Hair should be kept away from the face and eyes to maintain a clear view.


Tying hair behind the head and securing it prevents accidents. Loose hair can get tangled in fingers, clothing or even the ball, leading to injury or distraction during the game.


Players need to focus on the game and discomfort caused by facial hair can be a distraction. The right hairstyle ensures that players are comfortable and able to give their full attention to their performance.


For safety and fairness, many sports leagues have rules regarding hair length and accessories. Proper hairstyles comply with these rules.


When players are comfortable and not worried about their hair, they can fully focus on the game. This can significantly improve their performance on the field.

Volleyball Hairstyles

Team Unity:

Uniformity in appearance (including hairstyles) creates a sense of unity among team members. It promotes team identity and unity.

Having your hair securely tied at the back of your head prevents injuries caused by accidental pulling or tangling. Safety in sports should always be a priority.


In a competitive setting, a neat and appropriate hairstyle reflects professionalism. It shows that the player is serious about the game and their team.

Role Modeling:

Players often act as role models, especially young athletes. By adhering to proper hairstyles, they set an example for aspiring players.

Psychological Advantage:

Confidence in one's appearance can provide players with a psychological advantage. When players feel good about themselves, they may perform better on the court.

3.Best 8 Volleyball Hairstyles

Volleyball players usually choose hairstyles that are practical, comfortable, and stylish while making sure their hair stays safe during intense matches. Here are eight popular cute volleyball hairstyles:

High Ponytail: a high ponytail is a classic choice for volleyball players. It keeps the hair away from the face and neck, thus providing better visibility and comfort during the game.

Braided Ponytail: a variation of the high ponytail, adding braids to the ponytail adds style while also effectively securing the hair.

Bun: a bun is a safe and timeless volleyball hairstyle. Whether it's a high bun, a low bun or a messy bun, this hairstyle keeps the hair neat and prevents obstruction.

French braids: French braids are popular among volleyball players because they keep the hair tightly woven together and prevent any loose hair. They can be made into single braids, double braids or combined into a bun.

Headband braids: this hairstyle involves braiding a small section of hair along the hairline and then securing it with a headband. It keeps the hair away from the face while adding a decorative element.

Half up, half down: this hairstyle combines the practicality of holding the top half of the hair in place while leaving the rest flowing. It can be achieved with a half ponytail, bun or braid.

Fishtail braids: fishtail braids are visually appealing and keep your hair secure. They are a stylish alternative to traditional braids and are perfect for volleyball.

Top Knot: a top knot is a bun placed on top of the head. It is a stylish and practical hairstyle that keeps the hair away from the neck and face during the game.

When choosing a volleyball hairstyle, it is important to consider hair length, personal comfort, and any team or league rules. Experimenting with these hairstyles can help players find the one that best suits their hairstyle and game performance.

4. Tips for Maintaining a Volleyball Hairstyle

Maintaining a volleyball hairstyle is essential for comfort and safety during the game. Here are some tips to help players keep their hairstyles intact and looking good throughout the game:

Secure hair properly:

Use quality hair ties and clips to keep hairstyles tightly in place. Avoid metal clasps or fittings as they can cause injury if they come loose during the game.

Use hair care products:

Hairsprays, hair gels and conditioning serums can help keep hairstyles in place. Choose products that provide strong hold without making your hair too hard or sticky.

Prepare for the race:

Before the race, make sure your hair is clean and dry. Damp hair is more likely to fall out. If necessary, blow dry your hair before styling.

Double Hair Ties:

For players with long or thick hair, using two hair ties can provide extra support. Use the first tie to tie into a ponytail, then wrap the second tie around the ponytail to further secure it.

Make regular adjustments during breaks:

Take a moment to check your hairstyle during a timeout or break between sets. Fix any loose strands or redo the hairstyle if needed. It's best to address any issues as early as possible.

Volleyball Hairstyles

Choose the right hairstyle:

Choose a hairstyle that suits the length and texture of your hair. For example, players with shorter hair may prefer a high ponytail, while those with longer hair may opt for braids or a bun. The style chosen should be comfortable and easy to maintain.

Carry extra hair accessories:

Store extra hair ties, bobby pins and a small comb or brush in your gym bag. If your hairstyle starts to come loose during the game, you can quickly fix it during breaks.

Avoid touching your hair:

Try to avoid touching your hair unnecessarily during the game. Constantly adjusting your hairstyle can cause it to come loose. Focus on the game and if you need to make adjustments, do so during appropriate breaks.

Protect your hair from environmental factors:

If playing outdoors, consider wearing a headband or bandana to protect your hair from wind and dust, which can mess up hairstyles.

Post-game care:

After the game, gently comb out any tangles and knots. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair and remove any residual product. Let hair air dry or if blow drying, use a low heat setting.

By following these tips, volleyball players can effectively maintain their hairstyles to ensure comfort and functionality during matches.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, proper volleyball hairstyles play an important role in an athlete's comfort, safety, and performance during a match. They are not only practical but also contribute to team professionalism and unity.

By choosing the right hairstyle and following maintenance tips, players can ensure their hair is safe and out of the way, allowing them to focus on the game.

Whether it's a high ponytail, braid, bun, or another suitable option, the right hairstyle can have a positive impact on the volleyball court, providing function and style.

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