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Cost-efficient Wigs for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

Are you struggling to find a wig that fits your small head perfectly? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many individuals with smaller heads face this challenge when searching for the ideal wig. There are various types of wigs and techniques that can help you achieve the perfect fit without breaking the bank. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different options for cost-efficient wigs for small heads, providing you with valuable tips and insights to make your wig-wearing experience comfortable and stylish.

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1.Different Human Hair Wigs For Small Heads

Wear & go wig

Klaiyi launched a new type wig, which is wear&go wig. It’s super friendly to small head. With this wig, you needn’t to do complex installation, bleach knots, cut lace, glue the lace... Klaiyi have done all these work for you! All you need to do is just pulling the wig on and go out. This wig can be your everyday wig, since it’s extremely easy and convenient to put on and take off, even for beginners.


pre cut lace wig

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Headband wigs

Headband wigs are a great option for individuals with smaller heads. These wigs are intended to be worn behind the natural hairline, allowing for a better fit and the appearance of a full wig. If you find headband wigs slightly loose on your petite head, you can enhance the fit by wearing them with a tight headband or by tying a scarf at the nape, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold throughout the day. Besides, the price is also friendly to people who have a tight budget.

Headband wigs

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U part wigs

U part wig is a wig with a u shape leave out at the top of the wig, You can wear your natural hair through that opening, then blend your natural hair with the wig. You can easily tighten the U-part wig to adjust it on your head, appropriate for different head sizes. It’s also a time-saving and beginner friendly wig, but if you have thin natural hair, you’d better choose other wigs.

V part wigs

V part wigs are similar to u part wig, the wigs have a V-shaped opening at the front that allows you to blend your leave out. You can adjust the wig elastic band to fit your head well and then secure it with combs. It is superior than u part wig, because the leave out is smaller than u shape wig. So that it is friendly to people with thin natural hair.

v part wigs

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Bob wigs

Bob wigs are another go-to style for those with small heads. This chic and elegant hairstyle accentuates the shape of the face, framing it perfectly. Whether you prefer a blunt bob or a layered bob, this style is a great choice for individuals seeking a sophisticated and polished look. With a simple trim, you can achieve a bob wig that fits your small head flawlessly.

short bob wigs

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2.Making Your Wig Smaller: Re-sizing Techniques

If you have already purchased a wig that is slightly larger than your small head size, don't worry! There are re-sizing techniques you can employ to achieve a better fit. Here are a few methods to consider:

1). Adjustable Straps. Most of the wigs come equipped with adjustable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen the wig's fit. By utilizing these straps, you can customize the tightness and ensure a secure hold on your small head.

2). Tuck and Sew Method.  If you prefer to maintain the same amount of hair in your wig while making it smaller, the tuck and sew method may be suitable for you. This technique involves tucking excess hair into the wig cap and sewing it in place. It is a viable option for individuals who prefer to preserve the original density of the wig.

3.Removing Wefts. Another way to make the wig smaller is removing some wefts from the wig. You’d better start with minimal alterations, as removing too much can be challenging to reverse. If you never done this before, it may be a little challenging for you.

3.Tips On Making Your Wig Fit Better

If re-sizing the wig cap is too cumbersome for you, here are some small tips to make your wig fit better.

1).Add a Wig Cap. One simple technique to improve the fit of your wig on a smaller head is to add a wig cap. Usually, wig caps are used as a protective barrier between your natural hair and the wig, but you can also use the wig cap to provide an additional padding to create a snugger fit. You can even use double cap to make the wig fit better. It should be noted that this may make you feel hot and sweaty, so you should choose a more breathable hair cap and wig.

2).Use wig-fix. The Wig Fix is is a silicone headband with many advantages, such as lightweight, skin soft, hypoallergenic and breathable. It is designed to accommodate a range of head sizes, including smaller heads, making it an ideal choice for individuals struggling to find a secure and comfortable fit. So wearing a wig fix before putting on the wig is also a good solution.

3).Apply a glueless Band. Another way to make wig fit better is applying a glueless band on wig. By adding a band to your wig, you can enhance the overall fit and stability, ensuring that it stays in place throughout the day. This method is simple yet effective for adjusting the size of your wig to suit your small head.


Finding a cost-efficient wig that fits your small head perfectly is no longer an insurmountable challenge. With the variety of wig types available, such as wear&go wigs, headband wigs, U part wigs along with re-sizing techniques and innovative solutions like the Wig Fix, you can enjoy a comfortable and secure wig-wearing experience. And if all else fails, consider the option of custom-made wigs to achieve a flawless fit. Do you have a small head? Do you have any useful tips? Let us know In the comment!

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