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Who is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is an entertainer, radio sensation, best-selling author, and philanthropist all in one. But who exactly is he, and what's his story?

Stephen Harvey, Sr., was born on January 17, 1957. Harvey is a popular American television host, producer, comedian, and actor. He is from Welch, West Virginia, in the United States. His fame, however, extends beyond the borders of his home country, earning him global recognition and respect.

It is accurate. Harvey reportedly hid his bald spots with an expensive hair wig. And he truly did have us at his fingertips. His skin-tone-matching wig duped a lot of people.

Still, there is more. Not all of his wigs featured afros. Whatever the occasion, the man's collection of hairpieces, including S-curve and hi-top wigs, concealed his exposed areas.

A Brief Overview of Steve Harvey's Career

From his early years sporting an iconic Afro haircut to ultimately embracing the brilliance of baldness, Steve Harvey, one of America's most charismatic hosts, is an intriguing figure.

Harvey's charisma and charm have helped him build a successful career across multiple platforms. He hosts the popular "Steve Harvey Morning Show," "Family Feud," "Celebrity Family Feud," and "Family Feud Africa."

He also presided over "Judge Steve Harvey," an amusing courtroom comedy based on arbitration. Prior to these, he had the honor of hosting the prestigious Miss Universe pageant, which brought him considerable international attention.

Dive right in to this exposé as we solve the hairy mystery: Was Steve Harvey's hair real or fake? Steve Harvey, whose full name is Broderick Stephen Harvey, needs no introduction.

Did Steve Harvey go bald?

His unforgettable hair transformation journey is largely unknown in public discussions.

Harvey has worn many hats, including stand-up comedian, competent host, and acclaimed author of four successful books.

He rose to global fame and even became a meme as the host of Family Feud.

People rarely remember his distressing hair loss, which occurred at the height of his career—an ordeal that, combined with persistent bald patches, resulted in an effortlessly dazzling bald look.

However, as it turned out, his path to baldness and beyond was not as simple as it appeared.

Harvey's tryst with his Afro wig is a stellar example. It seamlessly merged with his look, betraying no signs of a wig at all. Harvey's bold move with hair toupees throughout his career makes for a gripping tale.

It gave him a free hand to try on new hairstyles and step into uncharted territory. Harvey showed us that, for any hair type, there's a wig tailor-made just for it.

Did Steve Harvey wear a toupee to cover his hair loss?

Harvey's Afro wig looks so real, like a typical African roll, and his black wig matches his own hair perfectly. He wears wigs because his hair is falling out, but it's no problem—just get yourself a wig.

Once at the NBA All-Star Game, viewers discovered his little secret, but Harvey didn't look embarrassed at all. In fact, his bald head is quite a personality, as is his trademark beard. So, hair loss is really not a problem, as long as you are confident enough and have enough humor. What kind of image can you hold?

Whether it's a wig or real hair, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Next time you see Harvey, you'll have a funny little story to share with your friends.

Humor and confidence can help us feel comfortable 

Imagine walking into a room and feeling confident, whether your hair is straight, curly, long, or short, or whether you wear a wig or not.

Your smile and relaxed vibe will put people at ease and focus attention on your personality and temperament, not just your appearance. It’s this confidence and this sense of humor that make us feel comfortable wherever we go.

However, hair, like the human crown, is an important aspect of our self-image. However, sometimes we choose to wear wigs for various reasons, such as hair loss or personal taste.

In this case, humor and confidence can help us stay calm in the face of others' doubts or curiosity. Harvey, for example, makes no secret of the fact that he's wearing a wig, instead handling it with admirable humor and confidence.

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