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Bleach The Knots On Wig

If it is your first time wearing a lace front wig or lace closure wig, you might be curious if I should bleach the knots of my wig or not. For a realistic and natural hair look, you can choose to bleach the knots before wearing a wig.

bleach the knots

However, bleaching the knots of a wig is challenging and easy to fail the first time. If you are new to the process, scroll down to know all the specific steps before putting on a human hair wig. By the end of this blog, you’ll have the information and confidence to bleach your wig’s knots in the correct way.

Recently, Klaiyi Hair launched a questionnaire to know better about our customer’s concerns about human hair wigs. We found that most of them have doubts about bleaching the knots.

Today we are here to give you the right guidance where you’ll get all of your questions answered. Scroll down to know more.

1. Do I Have To Bleach the Knots of A Wig?

Yes. Bleaching the knots is one of the great things you can do on your wig for a natural hair look. You will find there are dark knots on the lace closure. Bleaching these knots is helpful to reduce the visibility and makes the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp.

By doing this, you do not have to worry about the knots on the scalp would ruin your final look since the bleach works fast and permanently alters your wig.

2. How To Bleach the Knots on Lace Front Wigs?

Step one: First, prepare your lace wig ready and make sure it is smooth and detangling for the next steps. If there is baby hair on the lace front, remember to clip it away.

Step two: spray the fresh water on the roots of the hair and it will protect the roots from the bleach.

bleach mixture

Step three: Open up your bleach mixture into your mixing bowl and mix it into a thick consistency. The standard mixing ratio for bleach powder and developer is 1:1. Remember not to stop stirring until the mixture is smooth.

Step four: Time for bleach. Grab your gloves, brush, lace wig, and the mixture. Then apply the bleach to the lace with a brush and ensure all of the knots are covered during the process. Once you’re done with that, put the wig down and wait for 20-30 minutes.

rinse the wig

Step five: rinse the bleach off and wash the lace and hair with shampoo to remove the leftover from the bleach.

blowdry a wig

Step six: put your wig on a mannequin and let your wig air dry or blow dry. After that, you will get a super clean and gorgeous lace front wig.

FAQ From Real Customers

1. Do I pluck or bleach knots first?

Bleach the knots first and then pluck because some of the knots of lace closure wigs will be resistant to the bleaching process. After that, it is easy for you to pluck those bleach-resistant knots.

Does bleach knots cause hair shedding?

Bleaching knots can cause hair shedding since the chemical products might ruin the internal bonds of the hair. We suggest buying a high-quality lace front wig or lace closure wig that has little or no shedding when you bleach it.

Can I get a already bleached wig?

Yes, that is easy for you to get an already bleached wig in the market. At Klaiyi Hair, if you buy your lace front wigs or lace closure wigs, you do not have to dye the lace because the dark knots are small and invisible, which helps you skip the complex bleaching steps.

For the stunning hair look, Klaiyi Hair devotes itself to creating premium hair wigs at an affordable price for every woman.

ombre highlight wig

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4. Do you have easy install and glueless wigs for a quick on-and-go?

Yes. At klaiyi Hair, it has different types of human hair wigs with versatile hairstyles to meet the diversified needs of every customer.

For a quick on-and-go, you can choose beginner-friendly v-part wigs, no glue, easy to install, and super secured. This top-selling v-part wig is beloved by lots of wig wearers. If you are tired of lace front wigs, give it a try and you will love it!!!

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Today we talk about everything about bleaching the knots of wigs, we hope that it will be easy for you to bleach your own knots after reading this blog. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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