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Does Joy Reid Wear A Wig?

Joy Reid is one of the most influential TV personalities and has captured a vast audience with her deep analysis and smart and engaging character. Apart from being a political pundit par excellence, another aspect that generates interest among people—in fact, they argue about it publicly—is her hair! More precisely, they have questioned: Is Joy Reid's hair real? In today's blog post, we reveal the secret behind Joy Reid's various hairstyles and take a close look at how she has navigated her public identity through her hair journey.

The Journey of Transformation: Joy Reid's Encounter with Wigs

Joy Reid's intertwining path with wigs and weaves — let me tell you, folks — this is only one chapter of a grander tale that encapsulates her personal and professional odyssey. She has poured money over the years into hair treatments, specialists, and all sorts of artificial hair integrations— yes, including those wigs and weaves.


But see, for her, it was more than just an aesthetic choice; it was about treading carefully between preserving her natural locks while still upholding a certain image professionally. That investment in wigs? It speaks volumes about Reid’s pledge to keep her real self (or rather, her real hair) hidden under the mask of work glamour but also safe from any damage that might come along with it— be it physical or emotional.

Embracing Authenticity: The Decision to Ditch the Wig

Reid later abandoned chemical treatments, and this transition led her to discover liberation through her natural hair. The act of not revealing one's hair or other head coverings is part of a wider cultural change towards authenticity and self-representation. Joy Reid's viewers saw this metamorphosis unfold on her show "The Reid Out," where she began to display her natural locs in public view.


This action was not just a fashion statement but a sign of her quest to assert her identity and make natural hair appear more common in mainstream media. For Reid, it was a significant milestone—as well as for many women of color who draw inspiration from her—emphasizing the importance of seeing oneself represented and questioning the narrow standards of beauty that prevail in our world today.

The Assumed Necessity of Wigs in Media: Why We Question

The matter of whether Joy Reid wears a wig is actually part of a larger conversation about beauty standards in the media. Many women, especially black women in the field of broadcasting, are under this invisible but weighty pressure to appear in ways that conform with what has been set by society as the standard of traditional beauty standards.

Wearing wigs is part of being a woman's anchor. Fighting back with her own style, Joy Reid's hair choices speak louder than words. It tells about who she is and what she stands for in the public eye. Hair is more than just fashion. As a leading expert in the industry, we understand the importance of hair as a form of self-expression.

The Symbolism of Hair in Public Life: Beyond Aesthetics


For black women, it carries history and culture within its strands. By boldly displaying her natural hair on such a visible platform, she reclaims her identity and challenges societal standards that have long been prejudiced against such hairstyles. A woman's crown should be her glory, not conforming to what others believe it should be; not even according to those presiding over the often male-controlled television industry.

The Conversation Continues: Impact and Dialogue

Joy Reid's hair has opened up conversations surrounding the visibility of natural hairstyles in the media and broader discussions on the representation of various textures. Her use of the large platform to propel such dialogues onto professional acceptance further sustains this evolving narrative, a reaffirmation that personal style can indeed have a bearing on one's competence in the workplace but that wearing a wig should not be part of professional considerations. Not anymore. As a result, many have found inspiration in Joy Reid's bold stance and unwavering commitment to breaking down societal barriers and stereotypes.


As we close, Joy Reid may have had wigs on previous occasions, but what she currently displays as her natural hair is reflective enough regarding her personal growth. It’s symbolic—not just about hair itself but also identity and diversity issues within professionalism (especially in the media industry). This shift to authenticity does echo throughout other sectors too—beyond just being an issue of strands fabricated or real. And as they keep talking, it dawns on me that this isn't just about Joy Reid and her hair; it's an invitation to knock down barriers and let honesty take the wheel in how we show ourselves to the world. More than just a conversation on a surface level—not only Joy Reid and her hair but also opening doors for greater authenticity.

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