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Dominique A Made a Review On Klaiyi Pre-everything Wig

Dominique A is an influential YouTube star. Her fans love her professional installation skills and his gorgeous looks. Lately Dominique A made a review On klaiyi pre-everything wig. She gave a great review of this wig, so let’s take a detail look.

The product that Dominique A reviewed is a 13x4 Pre-Everything Yaki Straight Put On and Go Glueless Wig. In her video, she described ”it's a pre- everything unit so it's pretty much ready to go ready just to install wig, it's just one of those shake and go type of styles you guys know a ready to go shake and go type. Pre-everything unit is that you don't have to that much with it it already comes pre-plucked pre- bleached, pre-cut.”

glueless hair wig

When talked about the glueless features, Dominique A said“It also comes glueless so you don't have to add glue with this unit so it's 100% glueless now this is a really nice unit. It looks really really good very glueless guys and like I said even on the sides it's super glueless look. you guys can see the hairline right here you don't have to do anything there's no glue on this unit. The strap on wig make it kind of like really glueless so it's nice to see that they're adding that on and trust me it makes a unit very flat and very secure without any product.”

“This is 24 in Long guys and the density on this one's about 150% 180%, very natural but because it has that little texture to it it definitely gives a little bit more natural volume very very nice. I said it's like a light Yaky texture you guys can see that it has like a nice luster to it definitely gives out blowout Vibes blowout look um and that's basically it guys all I did was just use hairspray use a little powder. this just looks very nice and clean and just giving all the natural girl Vibe. If you want a quick you know style for a protective style this works nicely very very cute guys the texture is giving everything. The hair in the lace is very nice guys the lace is very easy to work with and the hairtakes heat well and can be straightened beautifully from 420℉-450℉, as well as be curled.”she described hair hair.

pre-everything wig

If you wonder the cap detail here is how it is “Cap Construction is beautiful it does come with an adjustable strap to put in here and one thing I want to mention with these Cap Construction it also comes comes with adjuster in the back on the cap itself so that makes the unit extra extra secure guys so that's one thing that definitely works really well a lot of the units with the adjustable the adjustable straps are very very secure on this unit so when I tell you guys it gives a tight hold there's no buckling on this unit whatsoever very very nice.” Free gifts are send with hair: a cute little gift from Klaiyi hair I did get this really nice comb and brush set guys very very nice I love the color theme of this company I also did go ahead and put the Clips in my hair right now definitely works really well.


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