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Easy color lace wig installs for beginners

If you're working with natural hair, then you likely already know the wonders of wig styles. After all, the perfect colored lace wig install gives you the freedom to experiment with any hair color, cut, or style. Lace Wigs have come a long way to provide a more natural and realistic finish sans the stiff look.

Ready to upgrade your look and appearance? We thought so! Keep reading to learn how to install a colored lace front wigs human hair, plus tips on taking care of your new wig.

How To Install Your Color Lace Wig?

STEP 1 - Preparing Your Hair 

You must first wash your scalp with shampoo and conditioner to make sure the wig area is free of oil stains. You should also apply moisturizer to the hair so that it is easy to prepare the hair.

For Short And No Hair

For short and no hair, preparing your hair is pretty easy. Just take a wig cap and hide all your hairline under the wig. Depending upon the length of your short hair, you can also do them in braids. We will talk about how to make braids below.

For Long Hair

For long hair, we recommend braiding the hair. This not only keeps it stay protected but makes it easier for women to maintain their hair.

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Instructions To Braid Your Hair  

1).  Apply oil and then comb your hair to open it up nicely. Separate the hair into 2-4 sections, lining it from the front to the back. The number of sections you create will depend upon the thickness of your hair.

2).  Start braiding the hair from close to the base of the scalp. Segregate the hair into 3 parts - left, middle, and right. Bring the right over the middle, this makes the former become the middle section. Then bring the left over the middle, making it the middle.

3).  Repeat this to create other braids. Take one braid and wrap it around the crown of your head and use a bobby pin to secure it at the back. Keep wrapping it until the entire braid rests on the


4).  Wrap other braids around the head as well. Do not overlap the braid as it would create lumps. Now you are ready to wear the wig.

STEP 2 - Put On The Wig Cap

Take the wig cap and apply it to your head. Gently, stretch the cap and hide all the hairline. Depending upon the wig cap, you might require to cut a hole for your ears. To make the cap sync with your scalp, you can apply some makeup around the perimeter of the wig.

STEP 3 - Trim The Extra Lace On The Lace Wig 

Place the front lace wig on your head and spread it out evenly. Look into a mirror and adjust it according to your style needs.

Next, trim the extra lace using a pair of sharp scissors. Then move on to trimming the extra lace at the neck and ear region.

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STEP 4 - Styling The Back Part 

We will share a few tips on how you can make the back part look more natural. You will see a half-inch double-layer material stitched on the lace. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the threads and then take the layer out. Apply some foundation on the back and spray it with blasting freeze spray. This will help the back part of the lace to sync with the hair.

STEP 5 - Apply Glue On Your Head

Take your preferred adhesive or gel and apply a thin layer around the entire hairline. You can use a cosmetic stick or makeup brush to apply the adhesive to your head. It is recommended not to apply the wig with your makeup on.

After applying the adhesive do not attach the wig immediately. Let the adhesive dry for a few minutes. If you are using a hard bond gel or glue, only then you should apply the wig immediately.

STEP 6 - Fastening The Wig

Start by attaching the lace in the middle part of the front section of your forehead. Use your fingers to smoothly press the front edges of the lace against the glue. Move on to press the lace against the glue at the sides and the entire hairline as well.

STEP 7 - Style Your Full Lace Wig

Style the hair as necessary. You can use a curling iron or flat iron to enhance the look. Though the lace will replicate the look of your natural scalp, you can still apply some makeup at the parting section to further sync it with your scalp.

Section out the hair from the edges to give a natural look.

How To Apply A Lace Wig Without Glue Or Adhesive? 

Many people ask how to install affordable human hair lace front wigs affordable wigs without using glue or adhesive.

Though the process is a little complicated, we will explain the method of applying the full lace wig without adhesive.

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By Stitching Wig Clips 

Step 1 -Setting the hair on the wig

First, turn the wig inside out and tie the hair into a ponytail or use a hair clamp to hold the hair. This will prevent the hair from getting into your way when you are stitching the clips to the lace.

Step 2 - Attaching the wig clips

Get a thread similar in color to the hair on your wig and insert it through the weaving needle. Place the wig clip on the bottom section of the back of your wig. Keep the teeth of hair facing towards you.

Now carefully insert the weaving needle under the lace wig and then pass it through the hole-on wig clips. Move on to the next hole and insert the needle through the clip hole and then pass it through the lace.

Take another wig clip and place it 3 inches apart from the wig clip you have just sewed. Repeat the process with the needle to attach this clip to the lace as well. Turn the wig to the right side and place another wig clip just an inch above your ear section and attach the wig clip. Repeat this for the left side of the wig cap as well.

Step 3 - Applying  the Wig

Turn the the wigs with color back into the correct position and apply it to your head. Use the wig clips you just sewed to secure the full lace wig to your hair. Open the ponytail or remove the hair clamp to set and style your hair.

Note - Do not stick wig clips on the front section of the wig as it will make them visible.

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