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How do wigs stay cool in summer?

Wigs have become part and parcel of the most beautiful women in recent times. It's easy to throw on a wig and keep it moving when you're having a bad hair day or just don't feel like messing with your hair. During the colder, winter months, a great wig can feel like a godsend. It keeps your head warm and looking fly, all at the same time.

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But as soon as the cold temperatures melt away and the weather gets warmer, there's only one word to describe the experience of wearing a wig: hot. Especially where the humid heat can rise to three-digit temperatures, the mere idea of wearing a human hair wig during the summer months is enough to make anyone break into a sweat. This article will discuss choosing the best wig for summer and how to deal with excessive heat in summer.

How to wear wigs and Stay cool in summer?

This is not rocket science. It's pretty easy just choose the perfect wig for the hot weather. Try bob wigs as they are short and simple. They also have very good breathability. Always opt for Human hair wigs. There are also some more tips which will be discussed below:

Choose Wigs with Good Breathability:

Make sure you choose wigs that let your hair Breath. It is the most important fact for a comfortable outing.

The bases of wigs can come in a range of materials, with the majority being adjustable. When looking for lightweight wigs for summer, we would recommend a lace front wig or a bob wig. 

Don't Use a hairdryer/curling wand/straightening iron

Putting a warm, freshly styled wig on your head in 90-degree heat isn't a good idea. It's such a bad idea that we recommend staying away from styling tools entirely during the summer, and not just because a styled wig can make you overheat.

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Wigs human hair doesn't generate natural oils to moisturize itself as bio hair does, so wig hair dries out and gets brittle over time.

Heat, even humid heat, will dry out your wig or extension hair. Avoid heating tools in the summer to increase the longevity of your wig.

Try a Shorter Wig Length or Hot-Weather-Friendly Styling

When wearing a wig in hot weather, the length and styling of the wig can have a great effect on how warm you get. If you feel confident rocking a shorter-length curly bob wig,  then this is a great way to keep the heavy hair off your neck and allows you to feel the breeze.

Choose a Lighter Colored Wig

Unfortunately, darker colors soak up a substantial amount of heat. As lighter colors such as 613 wig, tend to absorb less heat, they are recommended for the summer. We're not asking you to go from black to blonde overnight, but even a wig that is a few shades lighter than you usually go for can make a difference in the sun.

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Wear a wig liner cap

A wig cap, creating a barrier between your hair and the wig, can absorb sweat as well as prevent any skin irritation from happening due to the sweat. Select a wig cap made of stretchy bamboo, because its eco-friendly fabric is naturally porous, which means it can absorb moisture better than any other fabric and dries quickly.

Wash your wig regularly

Washing your wig too often may damage it, however, during the summer months, it is important to wash it regularly. Due to the high temperature, a combination of oil and sweat can be

accumulated inside it hence, or it can even damage the wig. The rule of thumb would be to wash it after you wear it 10 times. Wash it with care and following the manufacture's regulations.

Keep your hands out of your wig

We all love to touch our hair. It's fun. It makes us feel sexy. It gives us something to do when we're bored. And, honestly, it's just nice to play with truly soft hair.

But when the weather warms up, you need to stop touching your hair. Our hands get sweaty, too, and when you add that sweat to your wig hair, it weighs down the hair and heats things.

Want to stay cool this summer? Keep your hands out of your hair.

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Use Fewer Bundles

Have you ever wondered why human hair bundles are so popular among black women in summer? That is because they are affordable, light, and easy to use. More important,weave hair  can protect your natural hair too. There is also a huge choice among hair bundles, such as curly hair bundlesstraight hair bundles, body wave hair bundles, natural wave bundles, etc.

Follow these tips to get the best results in the summer season. Avoid sweating hassle and other unwanted problems by choosing the best-preferred wig for the summer season and wear it with pride.

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