How do you wear a half wig?

Half wigs are a type of human hair wigs for black women. If you've been paying attention to wig products, you're probably familiar with them. If you're new to wigs or don't know much about them, it's worth reading this article. This article will tell you how to wear a half wig and what to do when you wear it.

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What is a half wig?

How do you wear a half wig?

Where is the best place to buy half wigs online?

What is a half wig?

Half wigs are a kind of wigs, also known as Half Head wigs. Traditional wigs cover all of your hair, but half a wig is designed to cover only three-quarters of your hair. This design allows your face to be surrounded by your own hair.

It also increases the length and richness of your hair, which will give you a fuller, natural look. With a half wig, your hairline will be exposed, and it can hide from your hair.

If your hair is thin and thin, and you want more volume and so-called "fluffiness", a half wig is your best choice.

Jerry Curly Half Wig


How do you wear a half wig?

The installation of semi-wigs is somewhat different from the traditional way of installing wigs. It can be inserted with a comb just like a headband, or some clip in like Extensions. A simple tease of hair or a headband will cover the insertion points.

To prepare

With a comb, create a parting from ear to ear, about one or two inches away from the hairline, leaving wisps of your natural hair out at the front of your face.

Fixed a wig

Install the half wig and place the front clip on the top of the parted head, then slide the clip down as firmly as possible to reach the scalp. Once the front clip is secured, slide the back clip up the neck to ensure it is secured. You may not get into a comfortable position the first time, and you can try it many times until you get the clip in a comfortable position.

Cover stitching

After fixing the half wig, left to do is disguise the seam. There are two ways of dealing with stitches. One is that you can use headbands, headbands, or other accessories to cover the connection between the wig and your hair. Alternatively, you can use a comb to mix half a wig with your own hair to make it more realistic and unobserved.

Where is the best place to buy half wigs online?

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