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How much should a good wig cost?

Generally speaking, the price of a human hair wig ranges from $50 to $400. In this price range, you can find a great natural wig, and there are many options. You should be able to find what you like within your budget.

klaiyi human hair

Don't worry too much about the price. During the festival and the hair shop sale, you will enjoy a lower price to get a wig. Halloween is around the corner, and Christmas is coming soon. You can choose your favorite wig at an affordable price.

When choosing a hair wig, there are some things you should consider when it comes to affordability.


Wig type




Where to get a good wig?

body wave hair

Wig type

There are baseball hat wigs, headband wigs, human hair half wigs, human hair lace front wigs, transparent lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, human hair short bob wigs, machine-made wigs, etc.

Their prices range from US$50 to US$400. They are all real hair wigs, but the wig cap manufacturing process is different in complexity.

Klaiyi Headband Water Wave Wig

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Different prices do not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Many human hair wigs have been created and designed to mimic real human hair. All hair materials for human hair wigs are virgin hair that has never been chemically treated. You can dye them cute and styled, just like treating your own naturally curly hair. Different design schemes and different production processes will have some differences in air permeability, as well as differences in styles.


Length is a factor that affects the price of wigs. The longer the wig, the more hair needed to make the wig, so long-haired wigs are more expensive than short bob wigs. Another reason is that the collection of raw materials for long hair is much more difficult and more expensive than short hair. Our wigs are available in a range of prices from 8 inches to 26 inches.

Straight Short Bob Wig

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The density of the wig is also a factor affecting the price, the higher the density, the higher the price. Klaiyi provides 130% Density, 150% Density, 180% Density, 200% Density wigs. 150% Density is close to our hair density. You can choose the density according to the hair volume you want.


There is everything from traditional classic styles to fashionable styles that modern women should have. There are many Hairstyles, such as straight hair, body wave, deep wave, curly hair, loose wave, water wave, kinky curly hair, etc.

Hairstyle changes are designed and made for natural hair under physical action. In the case of the same length and hair color, the price of naturally straight hair is cheaper than other hairstyles. There will be a certain difference in price according to the degree of hair curling and the complexity of the production process. 

Body wave lace part wig is the most sought after wigs. The style is popular among women, and the price is moderate, which can be used as an alternative reference.

Human Hair Body Wave Lace Part Wig

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There are so many different styles and colors to choose from on the market, and it seems impossible to start. Once you have determined your favorite style and color, it will be easier to narrow your choices.

The color of the wig will affect the price. Because the bleaching and dyeing of the wig require the melanin of the hair to be bleached to a certain degree, and then dyed.

TL412 human hair wig is the most popular color wig at the moment. Wig style and price can be seen in the picture below.

TL412 Human Hair lace part Wigs

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Where to get a good wig?

Where can I buy a wig? There are many options:

In a wig shop 

You can get advice from your local wig shop through your hairstylist. Of course, you can also find a wig shop near you directly on your phone. Many brands now have offline physical stores.

Online shop

You can buy wigs online. Klaiyi has various colors, lengths, and styles of wigs to choose from. You can provide consultation by phone or email to help you find a style that suits you.

The price of a wig is determined by many factors, and finally, you need to choose it yourself. If you are interested in a wig, the price is a problem, you can consider buying it when it is discounted on holidays, which will save you a lot of money.

In the price range of $50-$400, you can find a great wig, and you should be able to easily find what you like within your budget. Take a look at starting your search journey now.

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