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How To Cut Fringe Bangs

Bangs, or what many refer to as a "fringe," are a great way to change or spice up your look. The hairstyle entails shorter hair set in front of your existing hair, framing the face with a fashionable flair. The style has been utilized by such fashion icons as Bettie Page, Elizabeth Taylor and even The Beatles. Today, celebrities like Emma Stone and Rihanna can be seen flaunting the look with confidence. What most people don't know is you can have this popular hairstyle without leaving your own home.

1 Choose an appropriate pair of scissors.

Styling scissors can be bought at any beauty supply store. The scissors have a sharpness meant for hair. Common household scissors are meant to cut more coarse things like paper and plastic.

Beauty supply stores often sell scissors meant for hair at various sizes. Smaller scissors will allow for more control and may come in handy when shaping your fringe.

2 Divide the bangs into 1” sections and start cutting at the bottom section.

Divide your hair into horizontal rows of no more than 1” thick. Then, begin at the bottom. Hold the scissors upright and line them up along your hair before cutting. Make minimal, vertical snips at your bangs that go along the hair rather than across. This will help avoid cutting your hair into a flat line.

For classic bangs, the shortest point should fall at the bridge of the nose between your eyes. Remember to cut less and leave more. You can always come back and cut more if your new bangs are too long.

You can keep your hair in position with a comb with your non-dominant hand and cut with your dominant hand.

3 Move your scissors to the left or right about a quarter of an inch, and continue cutting.

Move as little to one side as possible to ensure you're cutting all of your intended bangs. Continue making vertical snips along your hairs' ends. Cut as flat as possible - without cutting across - near the middle of your head and allow for longer strands as you work your way outward. After you've finished one side, repeat the process on the other.

Cut at a diagonal angle - about 45 degrees - to achieve an edgier, less blunt look.

Some bangs are straight across the forehead and longer as you get to one side. Other styles can be curved, with length that slightly increases toward the outside corners

4 Repeat the cutting process until you manage to shape your new bangs.

Keep working your way up toward the crown of your head, cutting as sparingly as possible and never directly across. When your bangs are there, you'll know it!

Cutting less and leaving more hair is a great way to avoid common mistakes like a crooked line or missing chunks.

Remember to be patient. Think of your hair as an art piece - nothing is perfect when rushed.

5 Shake your hair around, part it, and you're done!

Congratulations, you've achieved one of the most popular and fashionable hairstyles out there, all from the comfort of your own home!

Remember, if your bangs are still too long, you can always re-comb and re-cut. The same cannot be said about them being too short!

If your new bangs are too thin, pull hair from closer to the top of your head and cut accordingly. If they’re too thick, hold them up straight and cut into the ends deeply with vertical or diagonal snips.



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