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How to Make a Wig Smaller: A Guide for a Perfect Fit

Wigs are a versatile and popular accessory for black women, allowing for effortless style changes and hair protection. However, sometimes wigs may be too large or loose, causing discomfort or an unnatural appearance.

This guide aims to provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a wig smaller, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances your natural beauty. With a few adjustments and techniques, you can achieve a more secure and comfortable wig-wearing experience.

1.Assessing the Wig's Fit

Before making any modifications to the wig, it is crucial to assess its current fit. Put the wig on and evaluate if it is too large overall or if it is loose in specific areas such as the perimeter, crown, or sides.

Identifying the areas that require adjustment will help you focus your efforts and achieve the desired fit more effectively.

2.Using Wig Clips and Combs

One of the simplest ways to make a wig smaller is by adding wig clips or combs. These accessories provide a secure grip and can help tighten the fit. Identify the areas that need reinforcement and sew or glue the clips or combs accordingly.

For instance, you can attach clips or combs along the perimeter, at the nape, or on the sides. This method allows for easy adjustment and customization to match your specific needs.

3.Adjusting the Wig Cap

If the wig is uniformly large, adjusting the wig cap can provide a better fit. Start by locating the adjustable straps inside the wig cap. These straps can be tightened or loosened as needed. Pull the straps tighter to reduce the wig's size, ensuring a snug fit.

If the wig cap does not have adjustable straps, you can use elastic bands. Measure and cut a piece of elastic that matches the circumference of your head. Sew or glue the elastic along the wig's inner perimeter, evenly distributing the tension for a more comfortable fit.

4.Tailoring the Wig

If the wig requires significant resizing, you may need to tailor it. Start by pinning or clipping the excess wig hair away to make it more manageable. Carefully measure the wig against your head, identifying the areas where it needs to be trimmed.

Use sharp fabric scissors to trim the excess lace or wig material. Take your time and cut small sections at a time, periodically checking the fit against your head. Avoid cutting too much at once, as it can be challenging to reverse the process. Once you have achieved the desired fit, style the wig to your preference.

5.Seeking Professional Assistance

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about modifying the wig yourself, consider seeking professional assistance. Professional wig stylists have the necessary expertise to alter wigs effectively. They can provide tailored solutions to make your wig smaller, ensuring a flawless fit.

Research local wig stylists who specialize in wig customization and alterations. Schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements and receive expert advice and services.


Making a wig smaller can enhance your wig-wearing experience, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Whether you choose to use wig clips, adjust the wig cap, tailor the wig, or seek professional assistance, these steps will help you achieve a perfect fit that complements your natural beauty.

Experiment with different techniques until you find the ideal solution for your wig.

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