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How To Measure Wig Cap Size?

To help guarantee that your wig is the right size, you should first take measurements of your wig cap. A snug-fitting wig will not only look more realistic, but it will also be more comfortable to wear. This guide will walk you through each step of how to obtain an ideal fit.

Taking the Measurements

Circumference of the Head:

To start with, a flexible measuring tape must be placed at the front hairline. Then wrap it around the head, ensuring that it goes over your ears and covers up to the back of your neck, and return to where you began, which is the forehead. This provides the circumference of your head. On average, an adult’s head measures between 54cm (21.25 inches) and 59cm (23.5 inches) in length.

Front to Nape:

You can measure your head from the front hairline to the nape of your neck by placing the tape in the middle and running it down along this line. It is very important to start measuring from your front hairline, then bring the tape over your crown, and finally continue until you reach the nape of your neck. By doing so, you will be able to adjust your wig correctly, starting from the forehead to the back.

Ear to Ear Across Forehead:

To find out where the wig’s front should rest, start from one ear and a point slightly above your ear, aligning it with where the hairline begins. Then extend the tape measure over your forehead to a similar point just above the other ear. This length will help you establish how far back the wig will sit on your forehead.

Ear to Ear Across the Top of the Head:

To ensure accurate measurements of the head circumference, I recommend beginning at the apex of your ear and running the tape measure across to a corresponding point on the opposite ear.

Temple to Temple Around the Back of the Head:

If you decide to tape the wig, please be sure to start from the hairline on one temple and then proceed around your head until you reach the other temple. This is helpful in providing you with a sense of where the wig should sit on your head when viewed from behind.

Understanding Wig Sizes

Before taking every measurement, you must ensure that the tape measure is not twisted and that it is placed levelly on your head. To determine the right cap size for you, refer to a wig chart that provides standard wig sizes and compare them to your measurements. Generally, wig caps come in three main sizes:

  • Petite: typically for a head circumference of about 21"–21.5".

  • Average: This is the most common size, fitting a circumference of 21.5"–22.5".

  • Large: Designed for a circumference of 22.5" and up.


Adjusting for the Right Fit

When you have your measurements, pick a wig that will suit your cap size; however, bear in mind that wigs typically have adjustable straps or bands so that you can fine-tune the fit. It is important to ensure that these modifications make the wig snug but not so tight that it causes a headache or puts pressure on the scalp.

Identifying the Shape of Your Head for a Better Fit

Determining your cap size is an essential part of buying a wig, but understanding your head shape plays a crucial role too. Wigs are created to fit snugly and comfortably, but there are slight variations in head shapes that can influence the fit.

Oval Head Shape:
Wigs are generally constructed to fit most people with oval head shapes, which are considered the norm. If your head shape is oval, most wig caps will slip on quite easily and comfortably without much need for readjustment.

Round Head Shape:
The shape of your head, when it is round, will be great for a wig that has wider space on the sides to accommodate the width. Make sure you choose wigs labeled as having stretchable sides.

Square Head Shape:
A square-shaped head is also known as a square face. People who have a square shape of their head may consider wigs that will leave more space in the nape area, as it is usually associated with more angular and prominent jawlines this type of face shape has.

Heart-Shaped Head:
If you notice that your head has a heart shape, you may realize that there is no need for a lot of space in the forehead area of the wig. You can also take advantage of adjustable straps to ensure a better grip.

To determine which cap construction best fits your head shape, you may need to consider your natural contours. This helps in maintaining the wig's natural appearance and making it comfortable to wear. Paying special attention while measuring is important, especially how the cap stays at your sides and nape,in order for it to complement the shape of your head.     

Using a Wig Size Chart to Simplify Your Selection

One effective way to make a choice with ease is by taking your measurements and then getting help from a wig size chart. A wig size chart can help you a lot in the selection process; it will simplify it. Here is how you can use one efficiently:

Step 1: Locate a Chart:

A reliable wig size chart can be found at a well-known wig manufacturer or retailer. Such charts are typically accessible through the Internet.

Step 2: Match Your Measurements:

You can place your measurements on the chart to see if they correspond with those given in the table. Most of the charts will include circumference, front to nape, and ear to ear measurements for petite, average, and large cap sizes.

Step 3: Note the Size Recommendations:

Any chart will provide advice that considers your parameters. It is good to have a wig fit quite tight but still be comfortable and prevent it from being unstable or hurting you in any way.

Don’t forget that the sizes of caps can be different with every manufacturer, so before purchasing, it is better to refer to a special table for this particular product or brand. Besides this, please pay attention to policies that guarantee your right to return or replace wigs in case they do not meet your expectations.

Final Tips

Here are a couple of final tips to ensure a perfect measure:

  • Be Consistent: If you plan on wearing a wig cap underneath your wig, take measurements with the cap on.

  • Record Your Measurements: Keep a note of your measurements to save time and ensure accuracy for future wig purchases.

When you are already aware of how to determine your wig cap size properly, nothing will hold you back from buying this new model you’ve been longing for and feeling so natural and comfortable when it is worn.

With the detailed information on both the process of taking the measurements and the additional considerations for head shape and the use of a size chart, you're now better equipped to find a wig that fits perfectly and feels comfortable. Remember, a well-fitted wig looks more natural and provides confidence in your beautiful, stylish look.

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