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How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap?

Wearing a wig cap may have became a habit before installing a wig. Because it has many advantages, such as it can protect the natural hair. However, you will also feel hot and sweaty with a wig cap, especially in summer. Does it necessary to wear a cap when wearing a wig? The answer is no. Whether you wear a wig cap or not depend on your personal preference. Next we will have a discuss on the benefits and defect of wearing a wig cap and how to put a wig without a wig cap. Hope it can be helpful to you.

You will read in the post:

1.The Benefit Of Wearing A wig Cap.

1.Holding your hair underneath. With a wig cap, you can easily hold the hair underneath in place when wearing a wig. Especially for people with short hair, it is always difficult to manage, with a cap, you can save more time to gather all hair together.

2.Prevent hair wig sliding. A wig cap can help the wig more secure, so it won’t slid back and forth.

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3.Flat your hair. With a cap, your hair will be flatten. So it will create a smooth surface for the human hair wig. to sit on and the final look will be more realistic.

4.Protect your scalp and natural hair. For people with sensitive scalp, hair loss or balding, A wig cap can protect your scalp well. Besides, It can reduces rub between your natural hair and the wig, thereby reducing hair loss.

5.Keep the wig clean. We all know that our scalp can produce oil and sweat, a wig cap will be great help of absorbing the oil and sweat. So your wig will be clean and you don’t need to spend hours to wash the wig frequently.

6.Make your wig fit better. For people with small head, a wig cap or double caps can make the wig fit you perfectly.

2.The Defect Of Wig Cap

1.Uncomfortable felling. The wig cap can increase heat and sweating, especially the cap is tight. Imagine that you are wearing a tight wig and your scalp is full of sweat and heat. I guess you may get crazy for the uncomfortable felling.

2.Be allergic. There are many different materials wig caps such as nylon, cotton, polyester mesh..Some people may be allergic to a certain material or be sensitive with some wig caps when rubbing against the scalp.

3.Cause headaches. Some wig cap band may be too tight. So after a long time wearing, it will cause headaches or leave marks on you forehead.

4.Unbreathable. Some hair caps are thick and therefore less breathable. Especially if you have thick and long natural hair, the heat generated by your scalp will be trapped inside.

3.How To Wear A Wig Without A Wig Cap

1.Make your scalp clean. Before we put on the wig, you’d better get your hair washed. Otherwise, the oil or sweat on the scalp may make your wig dirty.

2.Braid your hair. Braids your hair into cornrows, this will help to make your hair flatten then secure the hair wig hair clips.

3.Apply scalp protector on your head. Don’t forget to use a spray to keep your scalp from irritated since you don’t wear wig cap. Please make sure the scalp protector are totally dry before installing the wig.

4.Putting on the wig. Hold the wig by the nape,and put the wig on head. You can bend your head a little, so it will be easy to operate. Next, you can adjust the wig from front to the back. Make sure the hairline above your eyebrow and the wig elastic band is on the nape of the head until the wig fit you perfectly.

5. Finish Installing and styling. If you are wearing a normal lace wig, you can finish the following steps, cut lace, apply adhesive, make baby hair... Finally you can style the hair after the wig is perfectly installed. If you are wearing a wear and go wig. you can style the hair as you like then go out.


After reading all the content, I believe you have had your idea about whether wear a cap or not. Wearing a wig cap have prons and cons. It is all depend on your personal preference. For people who already have thick full natural hair, not wearing a wig cap may be a goog choice. Do you like to wear a cap? Please share us your thought below.

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