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How To Thin Out A Human Hair Wig For A More Natural Look?

Real and new human hair wigs are often thick and dense to give customers a voluminous hair look and make them satisfied. However, some people find their new wigs are too thick to style and offer a natural look. So they are looking for a technique to thin out wigs for a more natural looking.

If you have the same question, we are here to help you find some ways how to thin out a wig to get a more natural appearance. Scroll down to know more.

thin out a wig

Thin out your human hair wig step by step:

As one of the professional human hair brands global, Klaiyi Hair devotes itself to designing and creating premium human hair wigs for every woman. Today the most famous hairstylist of Klaiyi is glad to share a professional technique about thinning out a wig for a more natural look step by step. Check it below.

Step 1: Prepare your wig on the wig stand and determine which part you are going to thin out and the density you want it to be. To avoid ruining the final effect, this step is a must-have before thinning out a wig.

Step 2: It is time to create a part you want to work on. Then use hair clips or ties to secure the rest of the hair, and keep them away from your way.

Step 3: Prepare a pair of thinning scissors since thinning is a different technique from cutting. Hold a section of hair between your fingers and then squeeze the thinning shears on that section. Use the shears as close to the root as possible to capture full strands. Continue to hold the section of hair and put the shears down.

Step 4: Comb through the section of hair you hold in your hands to remove the excess hair or take your fingers and blend the hair down with the rest quickly and easily. Now you are all set and a natural-looking wig is ready.


1. If it is your first time trimming or thinning out your wig, we suggest going to a hair salon and seeking out a professional hairstylist to get your wig trimmed for a perfect result.

2. During the process, remember to split your hair into several sections and trim one section at a time.

3. When you trim your wig, make sure that you have enough hair on the top, on the bottom, and around the sides of the area that you want to remove hair from.

4. Do not cut too close to the root and you will get short stubby hairs that stick straight up.

FAQ About Thinning Out A Wig

What are the benefits of thinning out a human hair wig?

a natural looking wig

1.Suit your face shape

2.Easy to style and get more versatile hairstyles

3.Give a much more natural hair look

How to thin out the top of a wig?

For the top hair of a wig, there is no need for a scissor but a tweezer. Just hold a small section of hair and tweeze it down.

After running the tweezer down, gently pull down on the end of your hair and some hair will come out of your hand. You can continue to use the tweezer to take off as much hair as you like! In the final step, remember to brush your hair and make extra pieces fall out.

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Human hair wigs with high quality are easy to offer you a gorgeous look. But a too thick and heavy hair wig can be a burden for wig wearers. After reading this blog, we hope you can be more confident to thin out your human hair wig to get a natural look. If you have any good ideas to share, leave a comment below.

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