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How To Trim Your Own Hair

We all know that a good hair trimming can make people have a good mood and a new look. But are you tired of waiting in hair salon for hours? Or Have you Forgotten to make appointment with your hair stylist when there is an important date? It always make people annoyed when facing these problems, But here we will share some small tips to help you trim your hair at home which can both save your money and time.

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1.Get Prepared Before Starting.

Before trimming your hair, you’d better get prepared with following tools. The good tools will will be the great beginning of success.

1.A towel: Before you start trimming, please put on a towel to make it easier to clean up hair later.

2.A comb with wide and fine teeth: For people with curly hair you’d better use wide-teeth come. It will reduce hair loss and the hair will not easy to break.

3.A clip or a scrunchies to section hair: Use the clips or scrunchies to make things easier. A clip can help you section the hair so you won’t cut wrong hair and can avoid the hair become rough, messy look.

4.A pair of fine point scissors: A pair of fine point scissors will help to give you a healthy clean hair cut. You can get the scissors at local grocery store online.

5.A mist spray. A mist might help you section off your hair, and make it easy to cut. if you don't have one on hand, you can just spray some water with the spray bottle or wash you hair to make hair wet.

2.How To Trim Your Hair Split Ends

cut split

1.Brush your hair.

Brush your hair with comb to make it smooth without tangles. You can use a little hair spray to make the wet, so it will be easy to detangle the hair.

2.Separate your hair to different sections.

After brushing the hair through, you can separate the hair into different sections with small comb. We advise a section with 1-1.5 inch width.

3.Straighten the hair with your finger.

Pick a section of hair and put it between your index finger and middle finger. Then hold the hair tightly to make hair straight with finger.

4.Slid Your Finger To The Bottom of The Hair.

Slid your fingers slowly to the bottom, leave about 1 inch long to the hair end. Then pull the section hair in front and away from your neck, this will be easy for you to cut and it won’t make you neck hurt.

5.Cut The Split Hair Off. Cut the split hair carefully. You can start with a small amount of hair. After becoming proficient, you can always cut off more.

6.Continue these steps until you have cut all the split hair.

3.How To Cut Hair Layers.

cut hairlayer

1.Brush, clean, and dry your hair. Before Cutting layers, you need to keep you hair clean, tidy. Hair with tangles of messy hair will affect the final result.

2.Gather hair into a tight ponytail at the front of your head, 1-2 inches from your hairline. A small tip to make it easier is bend over and  comb your hair forward, then fasten the hair with an elastic band.

3.Hold the ponytail in place where you want to cut, and then cut the end of the ponytail. Be careful not to cut at an angle or let the scissors slip. Cut straight across for even layers.

4.Remove the ponytail and check the length. Shake the hair after you remove the ponytail, then check if the the layers are what you want, and you can do small adjustment.

3.How To Cut Bang At Home.

If you want to trim your bang or try bang style, start slow and ease into the length you'd like, especially for beginners. You need to remember do not cut too long, Once you cut, there is no chance to regret. Here are how to cut bangs.

cut hairbang

1.Separate the bang section.

Part the bang section, Comb the bangs forward and clip the rest of your hair away from your face.

2.Dampen the hair

Use hair spray or spray some water to make the hair wet. It is easy to cut, when the hair is wet. But if you are the first time to cut bang, you can keep hair dry, so you can cut it the exact length that you want it .

3.Cut the Length.

Determine what length you want, and hold the hair horizontally, then cut with the other hand. You need to keep the bangs just below the brow. Please note that, always trim less than you think. wet hair shrinks up when it dries, so the bang may be shorter than you expect, if you cut it directly to the length you want.

4.Soften the bottom edge of your bangs

Make small snips at the tips of your bangs with scissors, so your bang will be more natural. Keep the scissors parallel to the strands in your hair or cut with thinning shears to get a natural bang look.

5.To Sum Up

These tips may not meet all your needs, but if you need them one day, they will be of great help. Hope this post can give you some inspiration, whether you have trimmed your hair before, or just beginners. Please remember, always leave hair longer than you expected, that’s why you have room for adjustment.

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