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How To Use Wig Tape ?

Do you feel anxious in the following scenarios when you first put on a wig? It falls off when hugging friends or family at a party and accidentally tugging on your wig.

Worrying about your wig suddenly falling off on a windy day or at a party. If you want to avoid these situations, wig tape is the best rescue solution, which can easily solve these problems. Today, let's learn what wig tape is and how to use wig tape.

Using wig tape sounds easy, but some detailed instructions can prevent mistakes like tearing the lace front of your wig or hurting your skin and hair. Please keep reading to learn more about using wig tape and glue and removing them effectively without hurting yourself or your wig.

1 What is wig tape ?

Wig tape is a double-sided, medical grade tape that is safe to use on your skin. It comes in various shapes and strengths, from strips to small dots, in rolls or single pieces.

    wig tape

    If you already have silicone strips or patches on your wig, you can add a little wig tape to each side so that it won't roll away, even in high winds.

    If you don't have silicone strips inside your wig, you can purchase silicone sheets, cut off a small piece and sew it to the inside of your wig, and put wig tape on your wig for a secure fit.

      2 How to wear wig tape ?

      Using wig tape sounds easy, but if the steps are not followed, it can damage the wig's lace or even cause damage to your skin and hair. Here are some detailed steps to use.

      When applying wig tape, ensure the area you want to apply the tape is clean so that the tape can stick to the skin steadily. If it is not, you should clean the area where you want to place the wig tape.

      Use a cotton swab or cotton ball dipped in topical alcohol to help remove any particles that might prevent the tape from sticking to your skin. For sensitive skin, you may consider using a little liquid band-aid on these parts to avoid skin damage or other problems。

      Cut the appropriate strip of wig tape as needed to cover the part you want to secure, whether it's the sides of the wig or some area you think needs extra security. It should be close to the hairline but not too close to the edge, where it can show through the front of your lace. Remember that the tape must stick to your skin to work properly.

      When you are ready to put on your wig, peel back the other side of the tape and avoid touching it while slowly and gently putting the wig on. You should align it with your hairline, but make sure it's not too far back in the front to make it more natural.

      Finally, when you feel satisfied with the placement of your wig, press it gently. Remember to ensure that the tape sticks to your skin, not the hairline area. This will ensure that it sticks well and is secure enough for the rest of the day. Gently tug on the different parts of the wig to see if it is strong enough for you.

        3 How to remove wig tape ?

        We recommend removing your wig at the end of the day to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible. Follow these steps if you plan to wear your wig for an extended period.

        The easiest way is to use a solvent or alcohol-based adhesive remover. Using a cotton ball soaked in solvent or alcohol, gently rub along the hairline where the tape is located to release the adhesion.

        Slowly lift the wig until the tape loosens easily. If it still sticks, continue using the adhesive remover until it loosens.

        After removing the wig, you can use the adhesive remover to remove any remaining sticky debris from the skin. A microfiber towel helps to remove residue from the inside of the wig.

        After cleaning, a brief shower and moisturization are recommended to avoid adhesive remover residue on the skin or hair.

          4 Summary

          The above is a description of the situation of the wig tape. If you feel that the hands are not easy, you can buy a wig with clips, now this form of wig is also a trend, but some customers will be just in case or will use wig tape or glue. Of course, the final choice is up to you.
          If you do not want to bother, you are welcome to buy our wig products; our wig products are simple to get started and easy to wear. If you are a person who seeks security, then it is recommended that you use wig tape. There is a first time for everything, and it is easy to get familiar with it slowly. In short, we want you to feel more confident after using the wig.


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