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Join Klaiyi Affiliate Program to Earn Commission

Klaiyi Hair has now added affiliate programs for two different platforms: Refersion and ShareAsale. It's not unusual for promoters to send emails asking for details about affiliate registration, promotions, and commissions. This article focuses on some issues related to the promotion of the Klaiyi Refersion Alliance.

Join Klaiyi Affiliate Program to Earn Commission


Can anyone be an affiliate marketer?
How to register?
How to carry out alliance promotion?
Can we set up exclusive coupons?
How do you pay the commission?

Can anyone be an affiliate marketer?

Yes, everyone can participate in affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing programs are free to join and no experience is required. All you need to do is fill out the registration form and start promoting the offer. Just join, promote and earn a commission.
There is no effort required to become a Klaiyi affiliate as we provide all kinds of marketing support including affiliate links, exclusive coupon codes, banners, landing pages, affiliate custom-build, marketing suggestions, etc., to help you get started easily.

How to register?

klaiyi hair promoter

Fill out our Affiliate Registration form and click "Apply" to Sign Up!
After you complete the online application on the registration page, we will review and approve it within 1-2 working days. You will be notified by email. If approved, you can access your account and start sharing your exclusive links. Visitors can click through the link and make a purchase.

How to carry out alliance promotion?

How to promote affiliate links and most importantly - where?

Website promotion

If you have your website, and you have a certain number of users, it's good for your promotion. You can post a corresponding promotional blog on your website. If you have your coupon website, affiliate promotion will get twice the result with half the effort.

Klaiyi affiliate link

Social media promotion

1.YouTube is a very personalized form of marketing.
This immediately builds trust and makes it relatively easy to get a sale. You can talk about any subject in your YouTube video. You can post comments, comments, thoughts, wig knowledge sharing, and more. Simply add affiliate links to the products you discussed in the video in the description box.
2.Facebook is also a great social platform for sharing
When creating a Facebook page, tailor it to build a community around wigs for women. By sharing useful information and adding the right tags, you will slowly build your audience. The more content you share on social media, the better.
3.Pinterest affiliate marketing
Before you can start marketing your hair product to your Instagram followers, you must first build a broad following base. These must be genuine followers who are interested in your content.

Can we set up exclusive coupons?

We have a unique and exclusive promo code discount for alliance owners. If the monthly order volume is more than 15, we will set up a cascade of different discount codes. The rule of exclusive coupon code setting is higher than the daily station discount, lower than the maximum discount activity. For detailed rules, you can consult our relevant staff via email.

klaiyi hair

How do you pay the commission?

When your friends or other people place the order through your link, here would be a record in your account! You can view your successful promotion order and commission amount at any time.
We will transfer the commission to your Paypal email in the next month


1. The individual commission is 6% of the order value
2. The commission of the professional alliance is 5% of the order amount (please fill it in truthfully. We will review and support the exclusive discount code of the professional alliance)
3. Refunding commission will not be paid
4. Self-purchase commission will not be paid
5. The Alliance Cookie duration is 30 days

Although having a blog to support your affiliate marketing efforts can help you increase your revenue. If you don't have a blogging site, your best bet is on social media. You can promote Klaiyi Hair on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other popular social media, and you can make money through affiliate marketing without a website.
Start your money-making journey at Klaiyi Hair. If you have good promotion ideas, please contact us by email.

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