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Kitty cut-2024 New Trendy Haircut

In recent years, kitty cut has been a trending hairstyles.Not only has it become a hot topic on social media like tiktok, many celebrities are also happy to attend some events with such a hairstyle. And it is also believed to be one of the most popular hair styles in 2024. Now Let’s learn more about this haircut.

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1.What is the kitty cut?

kitty cut is a kind of haircut with the length between shoulders and collarbone. It has the face framing, round delicate layers which is similar with the wolf cut. However it is softer than wolf cut and the final look has a more polish effect. The kitty cut can be tailored to all hair types, textures and it also works well with curtain bangs.

kitty cut


2.The features of kitty cut.

Layered texture: The hair is cut in longer round layers. No matter what hair texture your have, the layered texture can always create a full, voluminous look.

Medium length: The classic kitty cut hair falls between the shoulders and collarbone which is a trending and easy to maintain hair length.

Versatility: Kitty cut is a versatile style, It can tailored with all hair type and textures. The cut can work on straight, wavy, and curly hair.

3.How to Style the Kitty Cut?

The Kitty cut haircut is a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t doesn't require a lot of styling time or effort. In your daily care, you can use a round brush to make your hair layers more attractive while blow-drying. You can also use a flat iron to remove any flyaways and make your hair smoother. For straight or wavy hair If you want a fuller look, you can use hair roller to add texture on your hair and then use a volumizing hairspray and a teasing comb at the roots of your hair.

4.What’s the difference between kitty cut and butterfly cut?

kitty cut hairstyle looks similar with butterfly cut, or we can say it is a butterfly cut trend. However there are still some subtle difference between them.

1.The layers. butterfly cut usually has feathered ends, with shorter layers on top/around the crown, which are integrated and blended into longer layers on the bottom. While The kitty cut layers are typically angled, ensuring that the hair tapers towards the ends, creating a sleek and polished silhouette.

2.Length. For the butterfly cut, both medium hair or long hair girls can try it, but the effect will be more charming with long hair. But Kitty cut is more suitable for people with medium length hair.

5.Kitty cut inspiration to try

Face framing kitty cut

face framing kitty cut

Kitty cut with bangs

kitty cut with bangs

Curly kitty cut

curly kitty cut

Textured wavy kitty cut

texured wavy kitty cut

Blonde kitty cut

Blonde kitty cut


Kitty cut hairstyle is a new popular layered lob style. Its rich layers can modify your face shape while giving you a full and youthful look. In addition, its versatility is also a reason why it is loved by so many girls. Whether you have straight hair, wavy hair curly hair, or want bangs style, Kitty cut can satisfy you. Why not try such a fashionable, versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle?

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