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Klaiyi best-selling hair wig

Having a perfect haircut is an essential and determining aspect of our image & look. So, it has to be perfect. You have to choose the perfect color, texture, and length. There are many reasons why wigs are rocking social media. Even celebrities are opting for wig hairstyles for endless options and rich versatility. It is also becoming very popular among black women. They can wear their wigs with natural hair, temporarily straightened, permanently straightened, dyed, with a weave, or a full wig for the ultimate in versatile hair.

This article will tell you about the trending best-selling wigs of 2021. Famous stylists and celebrities highly recommend these styles. Even you can use these styles to step up your look to a different level.

NO1. Klaiyi Curly Headband Wig with Bangs

Klaiyi Curly Headband Wig with Bangs Free Human Hair Wigs With Various Kinds Of Hairstyles

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Headband Wigs are wigs that have a headband attached to them. Hair is also attached to the soft wig cap.

People are opting for Headband wigs because:

Perfect natural wear for day-to-day usage.

Gives a more natural look than any other wigs. It provides a very unique, desirable, and glamorous look.

Versatile Designs: Headband wigs can offer different and versatile types of hairstyles.

Headband wigs are very convenient for beginners and also very trending among women. These are the reasons for the Headband wig being the most popular type of wig.

Most comfortable wig to wear for a long time And Good Breathability

One of the fundamental reasons is you won't feel as hot with a wig because your hair and scalp will have the option to breathe considerably more than they would with a conventional wig.

There is open space between wefts, that's why wigs provide great ventilation. Ease of use for the consumer. Provides more comfort to the user. Easy to wear and maintain on day to day basis

Require simple maintenance

Comb it using a wide-tooth comb. Or else, use a wig brush. Clean it every time after using it with hair system-friendly products and cool water. Allow it to air dry. Keeping the unit on the stand, when you do not wear (recommendation)

Hair Protection

Headband wigs not only provide with best good-looking appearance but also protects natural hair. It protects the hair from heat, dust, and other pollutants


Headband wigs with Natural Hair will last very long and will provide ample support for the user.

  • Can be Dyed and Ironed
  • Hair Length: 14 inches, Very Soft, Healthy, and thick
  • Cap Size: Average Size
  • 150% Density

This feature makes Headband wigs a must-buy for all.

NO2. Ombre Balayage Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

Klaiyi Pre-Colored 1B30 Ombre Balayage Highlight Shadow Root Body Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

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  • Invisible hairline

When worn properly the result is an undetectable hairline producing the illusion that the wig hair is growing out of your head.

  • lightweight

Lace front wigs are normally more lightweight.

  • More Comfortable

Ease of use for the consumer. Provides more comfort to the user. Easy to wear and maintain.

  • Provides more versatility

Gives more options to style it in different ways for the consumer. It gives an undetectable natural, glamourous look.

Gives solutions to hair related problems like:

  1. Thin Hairline issue
  2. Alopecia, and premature balding.
  3. Hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • Many customizable options & Colors are available:

With the option to customize these wigs you can pick from either: natural, transparent, light brown, medium brown as well dark brown, to better combine with your skin.

  • More Secure

Very Secure Hair Wig. Adjustable Straps and Combs at back

  • No shedding
Soft and Human Hair Wigs Provide
Hair Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair Wig, Body Wave Hair
Lace Style: 13*4 Lace Frontal/Hand- Tied 13x5 T Part Lace

These Conditions Make a lace Front wig a best seller. Girls are very hyped about this wig.

NO3. Body Wave Wigs Natural Black Hair 

Klaiyi 100% High Quality Virgin Human Hair Body Wave Wigs Lace Part Wig Natural Black Hair Wigs

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  • Natural

Looks and feels very natural. True to length and feels very natural. Super soft and Easily manageable.

  • Breathable Elastic Cap and 2 Combs Present:

While using a wig daily, it is very important to have proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the user will feel very irritated. Heat and dust will cause other problems to the scalp. So, having good ventilation is a must. Body Wave Wigs Lace Part Wigs have very good ventilation because of their Breathable Elastic cap.

  • Made with premium-grade human hair:

Human hair will last very long with minimum maintenance required. This will ensure the user's longevity and proper value for money. Human hairs are costlier than other wigs but it's worth the money.

  • Easy installation
  • Trendsetters

It is an increasing trend to wear wigs solely to change up your look. Whatever your wish is for wanting a wig if you want a natural look that gives you unlimited styling options, a lace wig is your answer.

  • Hand Tied

These wigs are hand-made and hand-tied for the best quality assurance. Hand-made wigs last longer than machine-made wigs. Also, they have the best quality and best appearance.

Hair Length: 12inches-24 inches are available, Very Soft, Healthy, and thick
Lace Wig Type: Machine Weft (4*4) +Hand-Woven Parting (4*1)
Hair Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair Wig, Virgin Body Wave Hair, Can be Dyed and Ironed by User

NO4. 5x5 HD Lace Closure Body Wave Wigs

Klaiyi 5x5 Invisible HD Lace Closure Wigs 180% Density Virgin Hair Body Wave Wigs Melted Match All Skin

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  • Most Versatile

Will look best with all skin types. Just buy this wig and you don't have to worry about your appearance.

  • Very soft, fluffy, and Bouncy Looks and feels amazing.
  • Can be bleached, Dyed, and restyled

This makes the Hd lace wig a steal. you can always try and change to new hairstyles. You Do not have to stick with the stock hairstyle.

  • Natural Scalp:

HD lace makes it look like this wig is growing from my scalp. Even without the knots bleached, it looks so natural! The hair is super soft and it doesn't tangle. It curls beautifully for different styles.

  • No Shedding
Wigs Style: Body Wave
Lace Style: 5x5 HD Lace Closure
Wigs Density: 180%
Hair Material: 100% Human Hair Wig Without Chemical Processed
Hair Color: Natural Black Color
Texture: Body Wave wigs, Soft, Comb Easily, Minimal Shedding, No Tangling

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