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Klaiyi Hair Reviews In July

At Klaiyi, we attach great importance to customer reviews, we will count the positive and negative reviews from customers, no matter it's a message on the official website or a third party organization, and there's a good news, any customer who sends a video of the wig after receiving it and uploads it to YouTube, tiktok or ins, can get a cash reward. Hurry up and tell your friends.

1.July reviews

Customers’ comments


Communication was excellent and overall experience was amazing.


I order a wig that states that is was mauve with grey highlights. Wig came with brown roots and grey ends. False advertisement and refused return. Also they keep removing my review from their website.mever order from them again


Shipping came in a decent manner, hair is beautiful and thick, I love it!


Not good; the unit was a disappointment; it looked nothing liked the picture, the hair did not look like human hair; it didn’t feel like human hair and resembled baby doll hair.


Provided great customer service. I received my order in three days instead of the 7 days. They responded quickly to each of my messages. My exchange process was easier than I thought it would be.


The product didn’t look anything like the picture. I am still trying to get my wig replaced. It smells like it came off a dead body. It is been very very difficult to get anyone to respond directly. Would not purchase from them again stay away from this company.


The item is not as described. The hair is a synthetic/human hair blend. This is not at all what they advertised or included in their description. I am very disappointed in the quality.


Not as described, very thin, see through and overall not somewhere I would ever order from again.


The hair looked like nothing in the pictures; it was thin and looked like baby doll hair; I was disappointed.


Yhr quality of the hair is excellent and the pre cut lace in favorite for me you can really wear it as glueless or add a little melting spray either way the hairline is beautiful I have bought several wigs from them and as I said never disappointed I normally purchase the kinky Jerry curl wig I think that hair texture in their wigline is my top.


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2.Third party reviews

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In short, we always stand in the customer's point of view, for the benefit of customers, through these positive and negative reviews, both sides can better understand and enhance, we believe that you will buy the most value for money wig products here. Welcome to your local message, see you next time.

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