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Klaiyi Hair Reviews On Put On And Go Wig

Now human hair wigs. have became more and more popular among girls on all ages. Installing a wig is a problem which everyone have to face. Since it is a work that wast time and money to install the wig in hair salon while installing a wig at home requires good skill.

A new kind of wig in klaiyi have solved this problem that is wear and go wig.Today we will have deep discuss on wear and go wig from the definition of it to the real customers reviews. Hope this will be helpful to you. You will read in the post:

1.What Is Put On And Go Wig?

When it comes to Put On and go wig, you may remind of the machine made wig. Yes, It can be called put on and go wig. But it looks not so realistic, because the machine made wig don’t have lace part that can not enable you to do middle part or side part. The put on and go wig we are talking about is a kind of lace wig that not only has the advantage of a machine-made wig that can be installed without glue, but also solves the problem that traditional machine-made wigs are not lifelike and cannot be easily styled.

With the put on and go lace wig you don’t need complicate install steps, the lace has been pre-cut, the knots has been bleached, and the hairline is pre-plucked. There are combs and adjustable band on it to make wig secure and fit perfectly. All you need to do is just putting on the wig,adjusting it and then going out. Here is a detail tutorial on how to install put on and go wig

2.Why Put On And Go Wig So Popular

The wear and go lace wig can quickly gain the favor of many people, mainly for the following reasons:

1.100% human hair material: The wigs are made from 100% human hair. The characteristics of human hair are that it is light in weight, so you won’t feel heavy when wearing it. Besides the hair is smooth and is not prone to tangles which can reducing and hair losing problem.

2.Glueless install: This wig allows you to install it without glue, which not only saves time and protects your edge, but is also friendly to people who are allergic to glue.

3.Pre-cut lace: The pre-cut lace is of great help for people who can’t cut lace well or beginner to wigs

4.Pre-bleached: We all know that bleach a wig need time and professional skills. If you are not skilled, you may not achieve the bleaching effect or over-bleach, which can cause hair to fall out. So a pre-bleached wig can help you save time and reduce unnecessary losses.

5. 3d Dome cap with silicone. Have you ever experienced the wig always sliding down? It is is a very annoying problem, especially, you are working, dating or on some important occasions. An innovative design is that the new 3d Dome cap is added silicone which can solve the problem simply.

6.Quick easy install. Due to the advantages mentioned above, the wig is super easy to install. You can finish the installation in 1 minute. So it is a real beginner friendly wig. Because it can be easily put on and off, the wig can be your everyday wig. You never need to wast time to waiting in the hair salon.

3.Who Suit for Put On And Go Wig

1.Beginners to wig. Yo don’t need to have any skills to install the put on and go wig since it’s is easy to operate. So even you are beginners, you can still install it perfectly.

2.People who are allergic to glue. Put on and go glue-less human hair wig is a good choice for people who are easy to allergy. Because no glue or gel needed and the lace will not curl up or lift when installing the wig

3.People who don’t have time or money for installing. It is known that wig installing is a work both cost money or time. For Students, they may not have enough money. For office ladies, they may not willing to spend hours in hair salons. So the wear and go wig will be the top choice.

4.Real Reviews On Put On And Go Wigs

auburn color wig

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Beautiful wig! ! ! !pre-plucked,ture to length and full.Lace is transparent.The lace is very close to my skin.Just like my own. received my hair in 4 days.

By I have to say that the hair quality of this shop is really good! No odor, no shedding, very soft hair. I have also done different hairstyles and I have gotten so many compliments, I highly recommend it!

The color and curly pattern are perfect for me. I have no problems with falling off. This hair is soft, long, shiny and beautiful, with beautiful ends, and it does not fall out! ! ! !

Beautiful hair arrive in less than a week soft no smell absolutely loved it I have never had any problem when ordering from this seller thank you very much.


body wave wig

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Easy to install, it is a ear to ear lace frontal wig, and the lace comes pre-cut. Supper affordable soft lace melts so good and barely any shedding I absolutely love this hair.

Love this wig, it is easy to install because of the pre-cut lace, it is the best glueless frontal wig. I will definitely be purchasing again.

This the best wig I ever purchased! Hair so soft and the hair looks like it’s made in your scalp!

Beautiful The hair is soft, holds curls for a long time! The lace is also very transparent and melted so well! I definitely recommend!!

wear go wig curly hair

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I like this wig its great hair and the lace is very thin and easy to work with! Great for first time wig buyers ! I really recommend !

You can order it now After seeing some negative reviews. I decided to get this wig anyway. I'm glad I did because this wig looks great. I used some foaming lotion and the wrap to do my baby hairs. This is such a soft beautiful wig. I got so many compliments. I wanna try the kinky curly one next time. Love, love, love this wig.

18 inches, 180 density. The red is beautiful! I ended up cutting a little off the back. Since my hair is normally dyed red, everyone thought it was my real hair. Love it! If you’re considering then just buy it!

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