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Klaiyi Hair Special: FREE Custom Wig Making Services ONLY 3 DAY!

To thank our customers for their trust and support. We have launched a FREE Custom Wig Making Services on our website.

Klaiyi hair

The special offer offers two popular styles: body wave and natural straight.

American time May 29- May 31.

Buy 3 Bundles with 4*4/13*4 Closure Get Free Custom Wig Making Services!

The natural straight

Natural straight hair is easy to comb and you can make straight hair any style you want. Natural straight hair is shiny and easy to comb. For those who don't like combing their hair, this is a wise decision, because it can avoid some troubles.

It's easy to keep it straight because you don't have to use hair gel or anything else to keep it in shape. More important is, naturally straight hair can adapt more hairstyle and makeup look. It gives a fresh, elegant and refreshing feeling.

The body wave

Body wave hair is a loose-looking state of nature. It has the characteristics of straight lines and curly waves. Body waves look more relaxed. The strands flow in one direction and the curly pattern is an even "S" to make the hair look neat. If you don't like straight hair, then curly hair will be your first choice.

How Does It Work?

1. Place your order, you could choose 3 bundles with 4*4 or 3 Bundles with 13*4, any length you like!

2. You need to communicate your head size to customer service.

3. Then we will use the hair you bought to make it into a wig, that means you will get your personal customized wig!

4. It takes 2-3 Days to customized it, then it took 3-5 days to arrive at your place.


1. The event lasts only 3 days!

2. This activity is only for the two styles on the activity page.

3. 3+1 4*4 Closure Wig Density Close to 220%

4. 3+1 13*4 Closure Wig Density Close to 250% 

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