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National Curl Crush Day-Know More About Your Curly Hair

Have you ever heard of National Curly Crush Day? It is a new festival to tell people to love your self, love your curly hair. But for many girls, they have trouble with curly hair. So today, while learning about this festival, we also sorted out many questions about curly hair. Let’s find out together.

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1.When Is National Curly Crush Day?

National Curly Crush Day is held on March 16th every year, and in 2024 it is the third Saturday in March. On this day, people will show off their natural curly hair. Curly hair has always given people the impression that it is easy to dry, difficult to manage, prone to hair loss and tangles, but curly hair is really beautiful and can create a lot of stunning look for people. Therefore, curly hair has become a classic texture, and for people without curly hair, they are also keen on perming their hair or buying curly hair wigs. “I am a big believer in crushing on yourself above all else, which is why participating in National Curl Crush Day and witnessing all the self-love makes me so happy” Lisa Price, the founder of the National Curly Crush Day says. So this day is all about encouraging people to show off their true curls and embrace their natural beauty.

National Curly Crush Day

2.What Hair Texture Is Curly Hair?

An easy and quick way to find out if you have curly hair: Take a strand of hair, wrap it around your finger and see if it forms a circle. If you can, then you have curly hair, if not, then you have wavy or straight hair. Usually the type 3 is called curly hair which curls are springy, corkscrew. Curly hair can range from loose curls to very tight curls. According to the tightness of the curls, It is also divided into 3a 3b 3c hair.

3c hair
3a hair is usually called big curl, or loose curl, it is the most loose one in the type 3 hair while the 3c hair is the most tight curl, which is known as kinky curly hair. If you are interested in 3c hair, please read the previous post:3C Hair-All Things You Need To Know


3.How To Prevent Split Ends Curly Hair?

Care Your Hair Properly. Split ends are mainly caused by lack of nutrition and improper care of hair. So daily care is very important. For curly hair, maintain deep care at least once a week. Use a moisturizing spray regularly and apply hair oil to the ends of your hair to prevent dryness at the roots.

Reduce the Use of Heat Tool. For curly hair that’s prone to dry, you’ll want to minimize the use of heat tools, which can easily make hair dry and tangled, leading to the problem of split ends.

Regular trim. If your hair has split ends. You need to trim them regularly as they will inhibit hair growth and cause knots at the ends.

what do split ends look like on curly hair

4.How To Brush Curly Hair Without It Getting Frizzy?

Get hair moisturized. Before combing your hair, please use some moisturizing spray or moisturizing foam, which can protect your curls and prevent your hair from getting tangled.

Use wide-tooth comb. Investing in a wide-tooth comb is a must for girls with curly hair. It can make your detangling process easier and reduce hair loss.

how to brush curly hair

Be Gentle. A very important thing is to be gentle with your hair. Especially when you encounter the problem of tangled hair, you need to be patient and gently comb your hair out little by little.

Comb from bottom to top. It is also very important to master the correct way to comb your hair. You need to remember whether you are styling or detangling your hair, always start at the ends. This will be of great help to reduce hair loss problem.


5.Does Curly Hair Grow Slower?

Many people think that curly hair grows slower than other hairstyles, but this is actually an illusion caused by its unique structure. Due to the hair is curly, we can't clearly see how much it has grown. Compared with straight hair or other hairstyles, it feels like it grows very slowly. However, hair growth is mainly determined by genes. Secondly, age, season, and physical health will also have an impact on hair growth, but it has nothing to do with hairstyle. Are you wondering how long does it take for curly hair to grow? On average, curly hair grows about half an inch per month.

6.What Does a Bonnet Do For Curly Hair?

Bonnet can protect your hair, whether it's your natural hair or human hair wigs. Sleeping with a bonnet may sound like a hassle, but it's a great way to protect your hair or wigs. It can reduce friction between hair and pillow and hair moisture loss while sleeping, thereby reducing the problems of hair breakage and tangling.

Bonnet on curly hair

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