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Pre-everything Wig-All Things To Know

When it comes to wearing a human hair wig, what is your biggest problem? Having trouble cutting the lace? The wig looks unnatural? Can’t bleach the knots well?... You may meet different problems when installing a wig, especially for the beginners. Now Klaiyi Hair has updated a new type wig, which is called pre-everything wig. With this wig, installing a wig will no longer be a problem.If you are interested about it, Let’s continue reading!

You will read in the post:

1.What is pre-everything wig?

Pre-everything wig means all the pre-works has been done before the wig is shipped out. There is no extra work needed after receiving the hair. All you need to do is just putting on the wig. Next, Let’s see what pre-works has been done.

1.Pre-cut lace. For many girls, cutting lace is a difficult job. Because the lace is easily get damaged accidentally. Especially for beginners, they may feel there is no way to start. Now the pre-cut lace wigs have solved the problem. The lace was cut along the hairline, so it can blend with your natural hairline perfectly.

2.Pre-bleached knots. The knots are remained, when hair strand are tied to the lace. Usually, The normal knots are dark color at the root of the hair. So the wig will looks unnatural and it can be easily noticed when you part or style the hair. The pre-bleached wig will be a great choice for people who have trouble bleaching knots. In the producing process, the knots color are bleached to light color, so that it can match the wearer's skin tone and create a more realistic look.

bleach knots

3.Pre-plucked hairline. For normal wigs, the hairline looks straight and rigid. So the wig looks fake and others can easily find you are wearing a wig. To get a more natural look, you need to pluck some hair to make the hairline looks real. The pre-plucked hairline wig was processed with baby hair by professional workers before the wig is shipped.

4.Pre-styled. Styling hair is a very time-consuming task. For beginners, it is very likely that the texture they spent a long time on is not what they want. However, our new wig has been prepared with hairstyles that are currently popular on the market such as straight, curly, and wavy hair. Hair styling will no longer be a question, even for beginners.

5.Pre-colored. If you are tired of black color, we also offer pre-colored wig. The trending auburn reddish brown color, honey blonde highlight color and burgundy color are all available. With these wig, you never need to spend time coloring the hair.


2.Why choose pre-everything wig?

1.Save Money. We all know installing a wig in hair salon is expensive. But with the pre-everything wig, You don’t need to go to the hair stylist. You can do it by yourself!

2.Save Time. Traditional wig installing usually takes about 1-2 hours. And you need make an appointment ahead of time. But with our new wig, You can finish installing by yourself in minutes.

3.Beginner Friendly. We all know that in the wig installing process, cutting lace, plucking hairline, applying adhesive, making baby hair or styling hair... all these works need skill. But now Pre-everything wig have done all these work for you! You can install the wig with 0-skill.

put on go wig

4.Large Parting Space. The new updated pre-everything wig has 13*4 large lace size, which can ensure you do free part and create a realistic look whatever hair style you want.

large lace size

5.Goodbye To Glue. We use silicone anti-slip strips and adjustable bandages on this new wig, which can give you double secure even without glue installation. In addition, this wig also adopts the innovative design of pre-ear tab tape. This peelable invisible ear tab tape can ensure that the corners of the lace will not lift up.


glueless hair wig

3.Klaiyi pre-everything wigs to choose.

1.Klaiyi 13x4 Body Wave Pre-Everything™ Lace Frontal Wig Bye bye Glue Lace Front Wigs with Invisible Knots.

pre-everything body wave wig

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2.Klaiyi Reddish Brown 7x5 Pre Everything Put On and Go Glueless Lace Wig Body Wave Wigs Human Hair.

pre-everything reddish wig

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3.Klaiyi 13x4 Pre-Everything Honey Blonde Highlight Jerry Curly Put On and Go Wig Human Hair Lace Frontal Wig.

pre-everything highlight wig 

4.Final Words

All in all, the pre-everything wig is a new innovation in the development of wig. It simplifies the wig installation steps and some wors that require skills, such as cutting lace, bleaching knots, styling, etc., are also done in advance.. You don’t even need any tools to complete the installation. So whether you are a student, a busy working lady, or a beginner, this wig is a very good choice for you.

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