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The Detail Guide About 13x4 Lace Wigs

Wearing a wig has now become a quick and effective way to change your hairstyle and solve hair problems. With the increase in people's demand, various wigs now appear on the market. Among them, the 13x4 wig is liked by most girls. However, there are still many beginners or girls who have never tried it who don’t know enough about 13x4 wig. Today we will give a detailed introduction to it.

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1.What Does 13x4 Wig Mean?

13x4 wigs lace detail

The 13x4 wig refers to a lace wig with the length and width of the lace part on the top of the wig being 13 and 4 feet respectively. Usually it is also called 13x4 lace wig or 13x4 lace frontal wig. 13 inches is the distance from the top of one ear across the forehead to the other ear. 4 refers to the distance from the hairline to the top of the head. The 13x4 lace wig cap is made of a lace wig cap and a mechanical wig cap. For lace part, the hair is tied on by hand while hair is sewed by machine on the mechanical wig cap. Therefore, the large lace of this wig allows you to part hair freely, making the wig more realistic, just like your own scalp. And the machine-made part reduces the cost. Therefore, the 13x4 lace wig is a very cost-effective wig.

2.Why Choose 13x4 Lace Wig?

With so many kinds of wigs on hair market, why 13x4 lace frontal wig get popular? Here are some reasons to choose 13x4 lace wigs.

100% human hair. Klaiyi 13x4 lace wigs are made from 100% real human hair which is unprocessed virgin hair. It can both reduce the weight of the wig and reduce hair tangles when compared to remy hair and synthetic hair.

13x4 large lace size. The large lace size means you can do more style. Whether you want middle part side part, or C part. It can always create a realistic look for you. Besides, the 13 inch long lace can ensure you a natural hairline, and you can make baby hair, pluck the hairline. So the large lace part can create a illusion that the hair is just grow out from your scalp!

free part 13x4 wigs

Versatility. With a 13x4 lace frontal wig. There are plenty of hairstyles you can do, such as simple middle part or side part, half up half down, bun style or braiding hair, ect. No matter which hairstyle you choose, it can always give you a natural and elegant look.

Cost-effective. The 13x4 lace wigs is affordable when compared with full lace size or larger lace size wig. But at the same time, it can easily create natural and realistic effects.

3.Can 13x4 Wigs Be Glueless?

In the traditional installation process, glue is usually used to fix the headgear, but this is time-consuming and unfriendly to people who are sensitive to glue. So some girls may confused that can 13x4 wigs be glueless? Of course, the wigs are made with combs and adjustable band, so the wig can be secured even without glue. The new pre-everything wig in klaiyi hair is made with peelable invisible ear tab tape which can better fix the wig and prevent the wig from lifting.

4.How To Choose 13x4 Wigs?

When it comes to choose 13x4 lace frontal wig, there are many factors need to be considered to get a perfect wig.

Wig cap size: Getting a right size wig cap can ensure you fit the wig perfectly. Otherwise, you may face the problem of the wig being too tight or too loose and sliding down. Check here to learn how to choose a right wig cap size.

Lace color: Lace color is also an important factors that you can’t ignore. If the lace color is light or dark than your skin, the wig will look fake. So we advice you get an invisible lace wig that can melt skin better.

Hair color: The right hair color will make your wig look more natural. It’s best to decide what color hair you want before buying. If you don’t know which to choose, you can get natural black color, which can blend well with your natural hair.

Hair texture: Choosing a right texture is also a good way to create a natural look. If you want to have a voluminous look, you can choose kinky straight, kinky curly, curly style.

5.Reviews On Klaiyi 13x4 Wigs.

Customers’ comments


We're delighted to read this review.When our hair products are recognized by you, it is our happiest moment! Look forward to your next visit


The quality of this wig was perfect and the color was so vibrant I love it! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do something different as far as color with your hair if you don’t want to bleach your natural hair!


What a surprise!! The hair is really beautiful! The hair is very soft, shiny and comfortable to touch. I like the wig very much, The lace edge also fits my skin very well. I am very satisfied and strongly recommend you


This hair is amazing!!! Very bouncy very easy to work with. The lace was perfect. Melted easily. I can’t ask for anything better than this !!


I love this hair !!! Do not hesitate to buy ! I was nervous at first but it's so soft and beautiful , no shedding I had in for about 2 weeks now and the curls are gorgeous and they bounce back !

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