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The Easiest Way To Install lace front Wig

Lace front wig is becoming more and more popular among people. Why are they so popular with men and women? The lace closure covers the unnatural lines between the skin and the wig.

Virgin hair Lace front wigs give the illusion of hair growing from its natural hairline. It's almost impossible to tell if you're wearing a wig, which greatly boosts their confidence. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about how to properly fit a human hair front lace wig.

A wig cap

wig cap

A wig cap is essential. It protects your natural hair from friction damage while wearing a wig. Make your hair as flat as possible so the lace front wigs can be placed naturally. The hair is flattened and bent, making it easier to create and remove. You can also braid your hair and slide it backward. You can choose a cap that is close to the skin tone to make the separation look more natural.

Powder the wig cap

Powder the wig cap

Apply a powder that matches your skin tone to the wig cap. If you choose a wig cap that doesn't match your skin tone, this step can help adjust the cap to look like your scalp. It can help you look more natural when you wear a wig.

Cutting The Lace Edges

Place the wig on your head, starting in the front. Then trim the lace closure.
If you're wearing a lace wig for the first time, you'll be worried that cutting off the lace and overdoing it will damage the wig. Don't cut off too much lace at first. Always make the lace smaller. Trim it slowly until your hairline becomes the perfect assistant. Use long scissors to cut off the front and sides of the lace.

Fixed the wig

Take your lace front wig and place it adjust where you want it to be secured. If you need extra help remembering where to place your lace, you can use an eyeliner to mark points to mimic your hairline. Pull the lace forward over the top of the glue and make sure it’s in the desired spot before pressing the lace into the glue.

You can use glue to hold it in place, or you can opt for a hairpiece comb that comes with a lace frontal and goes into the braid to hold it in place. 

Handle hairline

Trim the excess lace from the hairline after fixing it. Create baby hair on a wig, which helps create a more realistic look


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