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The Truth About Klaiyi Hair

HI Beauty Doll! What do you know about Klaiyi Hair? Most of the people have known us by Youtube and Ins, I see that many people have mixed feelings on us, Some like us so much, while some may hate us, I think it is so quite normal for China Vendor, so what about Klaiyi Hair Weave After all?

I want to share my initial thought today if you see someone say the hair sheds badly, will you try it again? Keep reading, go for your answer.

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What You Will Learn From This Article:

Klaiyi Hair Customer Reviews

Klaiyi Hair Video Reviews

About Klaiyi Hair

Frequently Asked Questions About Klaiyi Hair  


Klaiyi Hair Customer Review

1. Reviewed By Znuie/Kellie Sweet


  • Zunie: Klaiyi Hair Deep Wave is quite a bomb, so good curly pattern, no shedding and tangle-free, my best curly wig eve, I think
  • Kellie Sweet: What it is? What up? what is something, what up? I wear three kinds of Klaiyi Hair (curly hair, straight hair, deep wave)and show them in the INS, I am sewin and homegirl, I love them so much.

2. Reviewed By Cassidy


I have ordered my hair 3 times from Klaiyi Hair, Straight Hair, Curly, This hair is such great quality, a little shedding but it normal just feel strands,  reused, and kept the hair in for 2 months.

This hair came quick & was packaged nicely including eyelashes! The vendor was super nice and responded to my special order request and communicated well!

The hair does not tangle & did not come with a smell. Also true to length and packaged very neat. Nothing was damaged and the waves are beautiful, just like the picture!

Amazing hair.

I saw this company of youtube and a lady was raving about the hair. I was skeptical and hated to try a company I knew nothing about and waste money.

I decided to do me a quick weave just in case the hair wasn't good. Man, this hair is the BOMB. I have put water in it and oil it shines for days. This hair never tangles and the only reason it sheds is that I cut the tracks. Its soft and curls are really good on 450 heat. No smells.

I'm telling you I love to weave and can be the worst critic. But this hair right here is worth the Mooney and not expensive but you get amazing quality.


About Klaiyi Hair

As one of the world-leading human hair suppliers, Klaiyi hair is now in possession of its own research center, design department, deposit, and shipment department both at home and abroad.

Customers from over 30 countries and areas, including Europe, North America, and Africa, have been crazy for the hair weft, hair extension, and wigs from Klaiyi hair. 

1.Development Philosophy

Klaiyi combines style, fashion, noble quality with each bundle of hair, so when you get a bundle of hair, you also get the understanding of fashion, the attitude of life, our faith is---Look Good and Feel Better.

2.Cost Performance

  • Factory to the customer, no middle charge but exw price;
  • Strict quality control, unqualified products can't get out of the workshop;
  • Exclusive benefits to wholesale buyers, customized products; customized packing; exclusive price;

3.Diverse Products

Klaiyi has an enormous variety of hair products, such as hair weaves, hair extensions, wigs, closures in any style and color. Body Wave, Straight, Curly, loose wave, Deep Wave and natural wave, different hairstyles for your choice. Besides, we have colorful I-tip, U-tip, Clip-in hair, and PU Skin hair extensions.

4.Customer Service

We offer 24-hour online customer service. We have a strong sales team, and we care about every aspect, using high-quality services to treat every customer. our customer service staff will be concerned about your order during before-sale, selling, after-sale.let you buy high-quality products.

5.Shipping Methods

  • Free shipping on every order. We have2 shipping methods to meet different needs.
  • From American: ALL U.S.customer orders will be shipped from Klaiyi California overseas warehouses.
  • From China: Other country's customer orders are free shipping (except the United States), will be shipped from China warehouse, main shipping methods: DHL, UPS, TNT.
  • Besides, no reasons return with a full refund. Shopping from KlaiyiHair without any risk.


  • At Klaiyi Company, your good hair day is our first priority.
  • Selling hair products is not our final purpose, but the starting point. We want to be your beautiful guide, passing you beautiful ideas and basic knowledge. It is not just hair, it is a lifestyle.
  • So we try our best to spread all knowledge of our products, such as hair installation, making tutorials, care routine care and so on, just forget your satisfaction, Your satisfaction is the best praise to us.
  • JoinKlaiyi style your hair, style your life!!


Frequently Asked Question About Klaiyi Hair

Q: Could The Hair Be Dyed?

A: Yes, this is, this is real virgin hair, could be dyed and bleached well. 

Q: Can I Permed The Hair?

A: Under normal circumstances, the hair can be permed. But we do not recommend you to perm frequently, it will damage the hair. 

Q: How Many Bundles Hair Do I Need?

A: Generally speaking, 3 bundles could make ahead, at most 4 bundles, if you want your hair looks full, please use extra 1bundle, you can always use the leftover hair later. 

Q: Why The Hair Color Is Different From The Website?

A: Different monitors have different displays. The same color number may have a little color difference. Please understand due to different color settings of each monitor, pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

All pictures are taken by ourselves, the hair you'll get is just as following pictures show. You could dye the hair if you need a different color. 

Q: If I Order Today, How Long It Takes For The Shipment?

A: If we have the hair in stock, generally speaking after we received the payment we will ship out the hair, it takes 2 - 4 working days to the USA and European countries, 4-7 working days to Africa countries. 

Q: How Long This Hair Could Last?

A: The hair could last for a very long time depends on how you treat it and how often you wear, wash, and color them, etc. Treat the hair like your own hair and take good care of it will last longer. The better you take care of them the longer they will last.

Q: Why Are My Hair Extension Getting Tangle?

A: Your hair tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, saltwater, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help

Q: Why Have My Hair Extensions Smell?

A: We have washed hair with warm water and conditioner in the factory, and put hair oils on it before shipment, to protect it from being dried during long term delivery. But the smell will disappear after washing with good shampoo and conditioner.

Q: What Type Of Hair Care Products Should I Use?

A: Use good quality shampoo and conditioner. Conditioning is very important to keep the bundles soft and manageable. Let it air dirty instead of blowing.

Q: Why Have My Hair Extensions Gray Hair?

A: Virgin non-dyed hair have a few strands gray hairs inside, we usually pick the hair up in production, but we DO NOT guarantee 100% any gray hairs, please understand, and pick up the few strands by yourself.

Q: Can My Hair Extension Be Colored?

A: All our hair can be dyed/bleached to any color you want, except #613, but remember virgin hair will be easily dry after leaving hair donor, so don't dye or bleach hair too frequently, it will damage the hair. Also please do it professionally.

Q: About Boy Wave Hair Texture

A: Wavy hair is styled by steam, without any chemical processing to keep it in natural condition and long lifetime, so it will be looser after wash.

Q: About Split/Dry Ends?

A: Only virgin hair has gray split ends. Our virgin human hair will be a little dry after leaving hair donor, because it lost human nutrition. You can put some olive/argan oil to keep it good.

Q: About Hair Extensions Length?

A: We will double-check the hair type and length before the shipment. After you received the hair, please stretch it to measure, to make sure you get the correct length.

Q: How To Care The Hair?

A:1. Wash your virgin hair with cold or warm water instead of hot water, it may harm your hair.

  1. Use a good quality shampoo and hair conditioner.
  2. Dry your hair by the dry towel or by the natural air, shake out do not brush when wet, and drip dry.
  3. DO NOT always dyed or bleached your hair, it’s really harmful to your hair. 


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