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Things You Need To Know About Quick Weave

Do you know what is quick weave? Some girls may have heard it and want to have a try. But they don’t know how to do it. So today we are going to have a introduction about quick weave. I believe you will fin the answer that you wanted. You will read in the post:

1.What Is Quick Weave?

Quick weave is a technique that hair weaves are glued to wig cap to cover the full head. It is loved by many people because it’s affordable and easy to applied and removed. You can even do it at home. Another reason why quick weave get popular is that it’s a great option for versatile styling. With a quick weave, You can use it to get any style you want, long hair, curly hair, straight hair or colored hair, Just unleash your creativity! Finally you will get a custom-made wig..

2.How To Do A Quick Weave?

To do a quick weave, you should get prepared firstly with following tools, hair weave, wig caps, hair glue, blow-dryer, scissors, hair ties and comb. After prepared, let start installing the quick weave!

1.Braid your natural hair. Firstly, you need braid your hair into cornrows to keep your hair under the wig cap, so that it won’t do harm to your natural hair. Remember to decide whether you want middle part or side part before braiding. then you can get a properly leave out when gluing the hair extensions later.

2.Put on protective wig cap. After your hair get prepared. Put on the wig cap to protect your natural hair away from the glue. You can also use double caps to make it more secure and the double caps can absorb more glue.

3.Glue the hair on wig cap. You can start from the back of your head. Firstly, measure hair weave around your head then cut your desired length for each layer. Then stick the hair to wig cap weave with glue and blow out with the hair dryer. Repeat this step until you have covered all your head except the leave out, please make sure the glue is totally dry before installing a new track.

4.Cut the wig cap. The wig cap on the leave out need to be cut off, so you can blend your natural hair with the hair weaves. If the wig cap beside your eras make you uncomfortable, you can also cut the edge off.

5.Style your hair. The last step is styling your hair. You can straighten or curl the hair to get your desired final look.

3.How Long Does A Quick Weave Last?

A quick weave usually can last 4-5 weeks, but the premise is that you need to take good care of it. When washing the hair, you’d better not use oil-based hair products because the oil will make hair weave loose which may cause hair weave fall out from the cap. When sleeping, you can wear a nightcap or silk scarf to protect the hair. Besides, remember to use a wide-tooth comb to avoid hair shedding and tangle.

4.How To Remove A Quick Weave?

Removing the quick weave is also a easy work that you can finish at home. But If you are haven’t done this before, you can also make appointment to your hair stylist to get professional help. Follow the steps to see how to remove quick weave at home.

1.Clip up your leave out.

2.Apply glue remover or oil-based hair products. You can add some glue remover or glue-removing shampoo in your hair to make the glue loose. Please leave it on your hair for about 20-3- minutes.

3.Remove the hair weft. To finish this step, you need to be patient to remove all the hair weft one by one. If some hair weave attached tightly to the cap, you can put the hair into warm water or put on more glue-remover to help the glue loosen. 4.Put off the wig cap. After removing all the hair weave, you can put off the protective cap carefully.

5.loosen up your braid and wash your hair. This is the final step. You need to loosen up your braid then wash your natural hair. Be carefully, there may be some glue remained on your hair.


Quick weave is a simple way to get a costume wig which is affordable, convenient, and fast. When installed properly, quick weave will not do harm to natural hair. Learning how to install and remove quick weave and how to make it last longer can help you save plenty of time and money in going to the barber shop. Do you like quick weave? Would you like to try it? Let’s chat below.

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