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What Is A Blowout?

Are you ready to be your own hair stylist? Today we will introduce blowout, from what is it, how to do it to how to make it last longer. I believe you will get inspired after reading it. Let’s start now!

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1.What Is Blowout?

Blowout hair

Blowout is a method to dry your hair with hot tools and brush which can get your hair shinny voluminous and glossy quickly. Usually in a hair salon, after cutting your hair, the stylist will use a hair dryer and a comb to do a simple blowout to make your haircut look more perfect. Blowout not only makes your straight hair look smoother, but the heat of the hair dryer can also create the desired wavy or loose curls. Due to the heat don’t touch your hair directly like the hair roller or straightener and your hair has been styled when drying, So it is very efficient and safe.

2.How To Do A Blowout?

Have you encountered the following problems? The hair I blowout is frizzy and not fluffy. I can’t achieve the desired curls no matter how I blow it out. That's because you haven't mastered the correct steps and techniques. Keep reading, let’s learn right the process together.

1.Get your hair washed and conditioned. Make sure your hair are deep conditioned which can help you reduce hair losing when blow dry your hair.

2.Towel dry and detangle the hair. After washing the hair, use a towel to wipe out excess water. Then detangle the hair. You can also use some hair oil or heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

3.Section your hair and blow out. In order to achieve a better effect, when section your hair, don’t part too much at one time. If you want to blow-dry your hair straight, you need to use a flat comb or brush and a wide and narrow hair dryer nozzle. Use a comb to straighten your hair, and then use a hair dryer to blow it from top to bottom, or you can comb it slowly while blowing it. Please notice that if the temperature of hair dryer is relatively high, don’t get too close to your hair to avoid damaging your hair. If you want to dry hair with curls. You can use round brush to curl the hair then blow hair with hair dryer. If you have thin fine hair , you can lift the hair root and blow. So you will get fluffy and voluminous hair.

4.Apply hairspray. For the last step, you can comb the hair or style the curls then apply some hair spray, which can help to keep the hair last longer. To get a more voluminous look, you can flip your head upside down and spray your hair with hairspray.

3.How Long Do Blowout Last?

Usually a blowout can last 3-5 days. But it may also be affect by other factors, such as your hair quality. For dry hair, the hair texture or volume can last 5 days or longer while oil hair last shorter. Here are some tips to help your hair last longer. 1.Use dry shampoo. Use shampoo that can suppress your hair get oily when washing hair before blowout and you can also use dry shampoo to keep hair clean and dry after blowout.

2.Avoid hair get wet. When your are washing face or taking a shower, it’s better to wear a hair cap to prevent hair get wet.

3.Don’t do strenuous exercise. You should avoid the exercise that can make you sweaty. Too much sweaty will make your blowout last shorter.

4.Are Blowout Damaging To Hair?

Many people may be concern that the heat of the hair dryer will damage the hair. It depends on situation. In fact, it is not a bad thing if your hair is healthy, and you blow out no more than three times a week, while using a good hair dryer and using heat protection products . But if your hair itself is frizzy and easy to break, hot air will more easily cause hair loss and knotting problems. In this case, we do not recommend you to go for a blowout. The most important thing is to take good care of your hair first.

4.Final Word

Blowout is an efficient way to make your hair smooth and shiny. You can do it at home if you have mastered the method. But if you are a beginner, the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high to avoid accidentally damaging your hair. After learning what is blowout and how to do it, Do you want to have a try?It’s time to freshen up your look!

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