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What does virgin hair mean?

What does virgin hair mean? If you are not familiar with wigs human hair, here is a detailed introduction.

Human Hair is classified as Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and No-Remy Hair according to grade. Virgin hair and Remy hair are the most popular types of human hair lace closure and human hair wigs on the market today. Because No-Remy hair is short and messy, it is not usually made with human hair products.

Lace Front Body Wave Human Hair Wig

The virgin hair, which is 100 percent human hair, was provided by a donor. 


Virgin hair has several features:

  1. 100% human hair
  2. It has never been dyed
  3. Collected in full from the donor head
  4. The first and last part of your hair is in the same order
  5. The scales are not damaged

Remy hair is also 100% human hair, but the quality will be less than virgin hair and the price will be lower.

Remy hair has several features:

  1. 100% human hair
  2. There is no guarantee that there is no dye or hot.They have generally undergone chemical treatment
  3. All hair strands do not have to come from the same donor
  4. The ends of hair are in the same direction
  5. The scales can be damaged by treatment

Hair bundles, hair extension and human wigs made from virgin hair can be dyed. When it comes to dyeing, for those who are starting out with wigs, it is recommended to use a color close to your own to avoid embarrassment and look more natural.

Brazilian Straight Bob Wig with Highlight tl27 13×4 Short Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Klaiyi offers a variety of colored wig and 613 blonde hair bundles. You can choose from the light color series to the dark color series, you can certainly find what you like. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you buy two more wigs of different colors to replace them. It also extends the service life of wigs. Of course, many people dye the wigs they buy instead of buying them in different colors. I think they did it to experience the joy of making their own wig their own color. Of course, it is a fun and proud thing to do.

You can change it up to your liking, and it's best to get a professional hairstylist to trim it. If you want To trim it yourself, you can check out this video 'How To Cut And Blend Your Lace Front Wig' which might help you.

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