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What Klaiyi Hair Store Did During 2023 Mother's Day?

May will soon be over, this month we spent Mother's Day together with many consumers, leaving a lot of precious memories, for this reason, we write this blog together to review the Mother's Day bits and pieces, take a look at it.

1.Share $1,000 Event In Klaiyi Store

Fans are encouraged to participate in the #KlaiyiForMom campaign by sharing photos or videos of their parents and children on TT, FB and IG platforms for a chance to win $1,000 in Klaiyi Gift Cards; IG will announce one winner and her material each day for three days after the campaign is released, followed by a few more spots in the upcoming campaign.

Dividing method:

15 winners, including 10 $50, 5 $100, 1 $100 and 2 $50 per disclosure,

6 winners were announced in the end due to the limit on the number of submissions.

Event Scheduling:

The campaign post was released on April 29th, including the campaign image, and the winners were announced once a day from May 4th, including the campaign image and the winning user image.

A total of 18 users participated in the submissions, including 5 from TT, 3 from FB and 10 from IG.


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2.Mother's Day Giveaway Event In Klaiyi Store

On the day of Mother's Day, giveaway will be released, and fans will be asked to pay attention to and comment on the heartwarming stories of themselves and their mothers.

Activity time

Posted on May 14, the day of the event, May 17 to announce the winners

Prizes 1 free wig

3. Reviews From Real Customers

  • My mom is a mom of 9 children, she’s been taking care of us since we were born and she also take care of my daughter. So that’s like 10 kids she’s been taking care of. I really appreciate for her hard working. She’s the best mom anyone could have.
  • “Mommy, you are a fairy,” I said. My mother laughed like tinkling bells. “I am serious, Mother. You know everything.” “My child, I try to answer as best as I can. When you grow older, you will not need me,” she said. “No, Mom, I will always need you. Nothing can change that,” I said. Her words echo in my heart as I look at the blue sky: “Dear daughter, nothing remains the same except the vast blue sky.” It has been ten years since I lost my fairy. Mom, you were wrong about one thing: I still need you.
  • Growing up my mama would always tell me “ Being a woman is hard work especially once you have kids.” She taught us the necessary things we needed to know as black women and that included cooking, cleaning, baking and self care. I truly understand why it was so necessary to know these things now that I am a mom to a beautiful black girl. The bond between a mother and her children lasts a lifetime. We should all cherish each other and celebrate one another.
  • Happy Mother’s Day Queens!!! We lived in the countryside, there were always small noises in the evening that frightened me. So much so that one evening my mother went out in the middle of the night to tell me that I have nothing to fear because God accompanies me in every moment ☺️and if something frightens me, frightens him too.
  • My mom taught me how to drive. One driving lesson, power steering went out and in the ditch we went!

4. Gift Guide In Klaiyi Store

Organize a detailed Mother's Day gift guide, with a focus on dressing, which allows users to refer to what to give their mothers as gifts, with wigs softly implanted in it. The choice of dressing is borrowed from the black celebrities' dressing, and then find the corresponding single product for combination.

User Sharing Chart

The images and text submitted by users in the previous $1000 sharing campaign were made into a diagram for publication.

This Mother's Day activity theme #KlaiyiForMom is mainly to plan mother-related content to create a warm brand image, the majority of this activity is still based on the form of the activity, supplemented by the value of delivery, the collection of parent-child topics temporarily failed to close the loop, after this can be optimized, the form of the activity and content value of a better integration.


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5.Optimization In The Future

  1. Activity timeline set aside at least 2-3 months for preparation;
  2. activity timeline in advance to arrange specific landing time in consultation with the station's channels, through the activities will be effective in increasing brand exposure and conversion rather than discounting;
  3. Full case details filling after the activity plan is perfected, detailed to the release time, graphics, etc., the specific realization form with the relevant channels co-created to ensure the quality of content as well as promotability, such as the form of material that can better advertising push flow, the form of posting that can drive interaction, etc.
  4. Finally, we hope more new consumers to take part in the following events, see ya.

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