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Why You Want Virgin Indian Hair

Indian Hair has been all the rage for several years now, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are thinking about getting extensions for your own hair and have never ventured into the market before, you want to make sure that you get a high-quality product that is well worth your investment. You certainly want to take a look at getting extensions that make use of raw Indian hair to make sure you get something great.

Indian hair

What Is Virgin Indian Hair?

You can tell by the name that this hair comes from India which means that the donors are Indian people. raw indian hair from india became popular in the 1960s when the U.S imposed a ban on Chinese hair because China was communist. indian human hair became prevalent on the market after this ban.

Virgin indian hair is described as 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed by manufacturers. Chemically unprocessed means that the hair has not been dyed, bleached, or permed to change the indian hair color or texture. This process makes it the most high-quality form of hair on the market. a silkier feel and eliminates any tangling or matting so that the hair lasts longer.


What are the most popular textures of Indian Virgin Hair?

Indian Body Wave  – indian wavy hair, really tight curl pattern; pretty controlled ringlets; great luster and bounce that’s perfect for a natural, textured look.

Indian Deep Wave –nice wavy hair, with slightly tighter waves than the Indian Body Wave.

Indian Curly Hair – a unique type of Indian curly hair – featuring jerry-curl-like tight curls that show strength and beautiful luster; deep rich color.

Indian Loose Wave – soft and glossy loose waves; natural curl pattern that holds curls neatly in tact.

Natural Wave – natural, with bounce and body; easy to curl; texture is finer than other hair extension types; has a natural wave pattern that can be worn curly or straight.

Indian Straight Hair– hair is silky to touch and has a natural look and texture; can also be curled or made bone straight.

Indian Water Wave – full and dense; cascading “s” hair pattern; silky soft; natural dark color


Why Choose Raw Indian Hair?

Indian hair is so unique. It is not only thick and lustrous, it is also durable and extra flexible too. So you can style it in any way you want and looks naturally beautiful. And because of their durability they can last up to 24 months use.

They blend well with just about any hair most specially Caucasian. Since it is real hair they look and behave like your own hair. They are smooth and don't tangle easily. A perfect piece for a new you!

The hair in India is actually donated to the temple as a ritual-indian temple hair. The women shave off their hair as an offering to their Gods to purify themselves. It is an act of surrendering their ego and religious devotion.

 Raw Indian Hair

Where to Get Your Indian Hair Extensions?

If you would like to know where you can go to get the high quality raw Indian hair you want for your extensions, then turn to us at the Klaiyi Hair Company as your source. We supply top indian hair wigs made from the finest hair possible, so you get the best. You can see a selection of our inventory when you visit our website click here so you can find the hair you want and place an order online to get the beautiful-looking style for your extensions.


How To Care For Your Indian hair?

As with all natural hair, proper indian hair care is important if you want to get the best results. Here some tips to keep your locks in tip-top shape:

1.Wash and condition at least once every week, and particularly after swimming or exercise.

2. Avoid excessive use of leave-in conditioners, as they cause build up and tangles.

3. To protect your extensions, braid your hair into big braids before going to bed.

4. Never go to bed with wet hair, as your hair is most vulnerable when wet.

5. Brush your hair daily, beginning from the ends, and move up.


Indian hair get curled easily, it makes owning Indian hair a much better choice over some of the other options you find sold today at different shops. Indian hair is also thicker and has a fuller body, giving you better volume to your hair.

So why choose other hair types over indian hair products when you want one of the best hair piece?

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