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3C Hair-All Things You Need To Know

Are you looking for a curly hair. style that suits you? We recommend 3c curls to you. It is a voluminous, natural and elegant hairstyle. If you are interested, let us continue to learn more about 3c hair. 

You will read in the post:

1.What Is 3c Hair?

Type 3 is a curly hair style with S-shaped curls. There are 3a. 3b, 3c hair, the different names represent different curvatures. The 3c hair we are talking about is the smallest and tightest curl among the type 3 hair. From the appearance, it looks like corkscrews. The diameter of 3c hair curl is roughly the same as a pencil. And it also has the features of thick, voluminous at the root. 

3c hair

2.How To Style 3c Hair?

Are you confused about how to style the 3c hair? We have prepared some trending styles that are all easy to achieve. Let get it together!

High bun styles

bun style

If you don’t know how to style 3c hair, high bun is a good choice. You don't need too much skill, all you need to do is make your hair a high ponytail and twist it a bun shape and then secure it with hair tie. This hairstyle can be done even if you don’t have any tools. Run your fingers through the hair to put hair together, make it a bun and secure it. You have made it!

Relaxing hairband style

hair band style

Hairband style is another simple style that you can finish in minutes. After installing a wig, choose a favorite hairband as decoration. Now you have finished! It can be your travel hairstyle, or the best choice of relaxing weekend time.

Half up half down

half up half down

If you want a bun style but also want to get a voluminous look, you might as well try this half up half down look. The 3c curly hair originally looked relatively fluffy and full. Even after the upper part is styled into a bun, it still has a full look.

Bang style

bang style

A curly human hair wig with bang will create a realistic look and add some style and personality to the wig. To get this style, you can buy a bang wig directly or ask your hair stylist for help. If you are good hair hair trimming, you can also do it at home.

Low ponytail

low ponytail

Low ponytail is a go-to style you can try, which suit for formal or informal occasions. Why not change a new style just within 2 steps?

3.How To Take Care Of 3c Hair?

Deep condition.

Using deep-conditioning product after shampoo regularly will keep your hair in good condition. It’s better to leave the deep-conditioning product on your hair for about 15-30 minutes. Wrap your hair with a hair cap and then use steam or heat to increase the temperature for better results.

Apply Moisturizing product.

Since 3c wigs can easily become frizzy, so hair moisturizing is very important in daily care. You can apply Moisturizing product before detangling the hair to reduce hair loss.

Minimize the usage of heat product.

Curly hair is easy to become dry and fragile when compared with other hair style. So if you use heat product frequently, the hair will be damaged thus causing hair loose, tangling, breakageg...problems. It’s better to let hair air dry after hair get washed. If you have to use hair dryer, don’t for get to use diffuser or hair protecting product.

Be gentle with your hair

When comb or detangle your hair, please be gentle. Besides, a wide-tooth comb is necessary. Please note that never pull your hair with strength.

Use silk or satin pillowcase.

A silk or satin pillowcase can reduce friction between your hair and the pillow, thus protecting your curls and making them last longer.

4.FAQ About 3c Hair

Is 3C hair hard to maintain?

Compared with straight or wavy hair, you need to pay a bit more time and patience to maintain. But don’t worry, follow the tips we listed above, you can do it!

2.How often should 3C hair be washed?

For you natural hair, you can wash it 2-3 times a week; For human hair wigs , you can wash it every 2 weeks or 6-8 wears. Don’t overwash the hair, or the hair will be dry hair and broken

3.How to keep my 3C hair moisturized?

For your every day hair care routine, you can spray some water or moisturizing spray to make the hair damp then use moisturizing creams on your ends.

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